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Monitronics moves to bigger, unified facility

Monitronics moves to bigger, unified facility Bruce Mungiguerra: Move adds to company culture

DALLAS—Monitronics is moving to a new facility in July, combining three separate buildings in the Dallas area under one roof. It's a move that will improve company culture, Bruce Mungiguerra, SVP of operations, told Security Systems News.

The move has been planned since last year. Now two months away, Mungiguerra talked with SSN about what the move will bring to employees and the company.

Having everybody in one building means more in-person contact. “When you're able to see everybody, face to face … it breeds a stronger culture in the company.”

The new site offers lake views, walking trails, two gym facilities and a cafeteria.

While the move brings a little more space, the facility's design is a real benefit, Mungiguerra said. The previous facilities were up to six stories high, whereas the new 165,000-square-foot building comprises three spread-out levels, which is better for a call center, he said.

“The open-floor plan allows for more employees on each floor to keep groups together,” Mungiguerra said. “Supervisors and managers can look across the floor and see the entire operation versus walls and floors interrupting their ability to best manage their team.”

The facility will house the company's 1,100 employees, Mungiguerra said. That workforce does not include the company's regional field technicians located across the nation.

“We were all in one facility about two 1/2 years ago. After the Security Networks acquisition we needed the expansion [to the current campus],” Mungiguerra said. “We … have been in the planning process to open this new facility ever since.”

Construction began in September, Mungiguerra said, and the new building is about a quarter-mile from the current campus.


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