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Nice security gate thwarts driver breach

Nice security gate thwarts driver breach

DALLAS ­­­­­- Nice|HySecurity earned its reputation this week following an incident at Dallas Love Field Airport on Sept. 7, 2023.

During the incident a 28-year-old man rammed a security gate at Love Field Airport in an attempt to evade Dallas police after crashing into a police vehicle late on Thursday. This marks the second occurrence in a 15-year span for the airport. A previous incident in 2010 saw a man ram through a chain link fence with a pickup truck before driving out onto the airport’s tarmac.

HySecurityFortunately, this time the driver was unsuccessful at breaching the perimeter due in part to the success of the StrongArm barrier from Nice|HySecurity. In fact, the security gate was completely unscathed, and police were able to apprehend the man. according to representatives from Nice.

This incident arrived just ahead of the annual GSX conference held in Dallas this year, where numerous security industry leaders, including Nice, have the latest in security technology on display. Nice|HySecurity will have the car-stopping security barrier on display during GSX for guests to view for themselves at booth #2433. 

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