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NMC debuts new tools to help dealers stay connected

NMC debuts new tools to help dealers stay connected

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.—National Monitoring Center has announced the launch of a new mass notification service that will help dealers stay more updated and informed in real time, when in the field and on the go.

According to NMC executive vice president Woodie Andrawos, the new service—NMC's Emergency Mass Notification and Communication System—will enhance communication with dealers in the event of an urgent issue affecting service to their subscribers. EMNCS instantly notifies dealers of matters of import with telephone calls, SMS text messages, and/or emails.

"In the past what we've done is contact our dealers one at a time as fast as we can," Andrawos told Security Systems News. "But with this, we can now send a notification via phone, email, or SMS to all the dealers at the same time and in real time."

According to an NMC release, the mass notification system provides for instant communication regardless of any scenario because it is located outside of NMC's facilities. In the event of an emergency—for example telecom problems—the system will provide automated information about the specific conditions to the dealer. This system will also be used to immediately notify the dealer base of updates, news and other events from NMC.

The service will be a differentiator according to NMC president Michael Schubert.

“The notification system ensures our dealers will be instantly informed in any event whether it is an update in service or in the event of an emergency and will allow our management team to focus on resolving the problems,” Schubert said in a release. According to Schubert, NMC is the first in the industry to provide this type of service for its dealers.

Andrawos pointed out the system could also be used by individual dealers as an end-user facing marketing tool.

"Our dealers are our partners, and we're always looking for ways to enhance what we do for them," Andrawos said. "We're always looking for better ways to reinvent ourselves and reinvest in our infrastructure. This really shows our commitment to our dealers."


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