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Numerex releases enterprise-level mPERS device

Numerex releases enterprise-level mPERS device

ATLANTA—Numerex, a provider of wireless monitored devices, has introduced mySHIELD, a new mPERS system designed for lone workers, the elderly and others on a large scale.

“[MySHIELD] is our first mobile personal emergency response/IoT solution that is Numerex branded and at a scale, and a structure, that is enterprise- and company- oriented,” Kelly Gay, president of security solutions at Numerex, told Security Systems News.

The difference with the new device, Gay said, is that it is scalable. It can be used by one person or an entire assisted living facility, for example.

MySHIELD uses Numerex's existing platform for systems it already has in place, Gay said. The platform connects to Verizon's cellular networks and has been tested for almost three years, Gay said.

The company identified real estate, healthcare, education, security and energy as vertical markets where people often work alone.

Numerex declined to name the monitoring provider.


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