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Omnilert unveils third generation of AI visual gun detection system

Omnilert unveils third generation of AI visual gun detection system

Omnilert Unveils Third Generation of AI Visual Gun Detection System

LEESBURG, Va. – Omnilert, a provider of active shooter solutions, announced the release of its third-generation AI visual gun detection system, featuring significant advancements.

According to the company, Omnilert Gun Detect now protects hundreds of schools, universities, hospitals, retail and commercial buildings, and other organization facilities and campuses around the country. The enhancements made in this new release improves hardware efficiency, enterprise management and gun detection accuracy.

"Today's customers better understand the technology behind AI visual gun detection and they want more than just detection and verification; they are also concerned with the accuracy of the models and how they are trained, as well as the capabilities the system can provide throughout an entire active shooting incident," said Dave Fraser, CEO of Omnilert. "This new product release further boosts the core capabilities of Omnilert Gun Detect to empower customers with a layer of technology that can detect weapons with speed and accuracy, followed by a comprehensive and automatic response."

"We can't respond our way out of these active shooter tragedies," said Chris Grollnek, founder and managing principal of the Active Shooter Prevention Project. "Our first line of defense should be prevention and with Omnilert's ability to instantly identify a weapon either inside or outside a facility, this can provide first responders with the gift of time they need before shots are fired to ensure the best possible outcomes."

Omnilert has added several key enhancements to its third generation system that provide customers effective, efficient and accurate AI visual gun detection technology that can be easily added as a vital layer of their overall security efforts. Omnilert Gun Detect's AI architecture has been optimized to boost performance 10X for any given GPU over its original architecture, enabling more camera streams to be processed per server. Benefits of these enhancements include lower hardware costs for customers, high-performance processing, (55) 1080P camera streams running at 15fps on a standard NVIDIA RTX 4060, architecture efficiency, and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera compatibility due to real time frame rate analysis among others.

The system improvements also feature better enterprise management thanks to new clustering enhancements to Omnilert Gun Detect which ensure enterprise deployment to tens of thousands of cameras across thousands of sites and servers manageable from a central console. Lastly, this generation has improved detection accuracy. Now in its 38th revision, the Omnilert Gun Detect neural network has received continual learning and refinements from curated organic video through real world customer deployments over its five years of development and fine tuning.

“This accuracy is unmatched in the industry compared to solutions created from image datasets that rely on synthetic/green screens or emulated data for training which produces artifacts not found in real life,” Omnilert wrote in its release. “This approach reduces the system's ability to be tuned or discern the difference between objects, resulting in higher false positives, more noise and significant operational burden irrespective of who is performing the verification function.”

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