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Pivot3 announces large-scale surveillance solution

Pivot3 announces large-scale surveillance solution New solution delivers extreme scale to support enterprise-class video deployments

AUSTIN, Texas—Pivot3, a hyperconverged infrastructure performance and technology company based here, announced this week the release of its new large-scale surveillance solution designed to support video surveillance and security deployments of 500TB or more.

“We've created this platform to provide the performance, resiliency, scalability and ease of use that is required for large-scale environments at a lower cost than any other enterprise solution,” Brandon Reich, surveillance practice leader, Pivot3, told Security Systems News in an email interview. “Pivot3 is able to accomplish this by leveraging extensive expertise in video surveillance to ensure there are no trade-offs with lack of performance, unplanned failures or management complexity.”

With this latest solution, Reich explained that Pivot3 is streamlining large-scale video, security management and storage environments by hosting video management software, security applications and storage on a modular, scalable appliance, which significantly lowers cost and delivers higher rack density for multi-PB video installations.

The solution can deliver over 6PB of storage in a single rack while supporting over 15,000 cameras (750 per node), reducing footprint, power and cooling requirements, the press release reads, and further improves Pivot3's industry-leading video performance, supporting up to 30,000 mbits/s of video ingest (1430 mbit/s per node), and increasing video retention times.

“We've re-engineered our software to deliver extreme scale by using a highly dense platform with advanced features that support the resiliency required for mission-critical video surveillance applications,” said Reich.

He pointed out that Pivot3's large-scale surveillance solution, the V5-2000, uses dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors and up to 288TB storage in two rack units with advanced features, including automatic failover and advanced data protection, which eliminates downtime and data loss resulting from hardware failures, providing the resilience required for mission-critical video applications.

“Pivot3 delivers technology that allows us to offer highly reliable and scalable solutions to our customers while enabling us to differentiate ourselves in the market by lowering their acquisition and operational costs,” Kit Bishop, manager of strategic growth, Johnson Controls, said in the Pivot3 press release. “This new solution brings even more value to the table, and delivers the robust enterprise-class platform that large-scale surveillance and security deployments require at an extremely compelling price point. As a result, our customers can achieve more consolidation that provides immediate ROI along with the option to add additional workloads as their needs evolve.”

Reich noted that security integrators need to be aware that when a video surveillance system expands, their customers can face significant challenges down the road “because NVRs and traditional IT server-based systems are not built to handle the write-intensive nature of large-scale surveillance deployments,” he said. “Since Pivot3's solution provides economics that are even more favorable than NVRs, there are more options to consider that can drive additional ROI in the future.”


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