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Qognify’s VMS update improves functions

Qognify’s VMS update improves functions

PEARL RIVER – Video and enterprise incident management solutions provider Qognify have announced the launch of Qognify VMS 7.3 and Umbrella 8.0, the latest iteration of Qognify’s video management software (VMS).

Promising to accelerate investigations and improve real-time incident handling, Qognify VMS 7.3 comes with a new forensic search tool named QogniFinder, which significantly speeds up investigations for persons or vehicles of interest in recorded footage. It allows the operator to perform archive research based on custom criteria, such as physical attributes like the color of a piece of clothing, or accessories. QogniFinder does this by using a powerful meta-database that continuously records real-time data streams from different sources like edge-based or server-based video analytics.

“QogniFinder is one of the first real non-proprietary forensic search tools available on the market,” said Carsten Eckstein, head of product management VMS at Qognify. “It turns Qognify VMS into a powerful platform to quickly search video recordings for specific objects, thus fundamentally transforming the investigation process and facilitating collaboration with police and law enforcement agencies.”

Qognify said this most recent version update has started to tap into the potential of Hexagon’s technology portfolio, creating new and improved solutions for physical security challenges. By way of example, Qognify said that the VMS can interact with Hexagon’s Accur8vision volumetric detection technology that uses LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, revealing a whole new set of use cases for Qognify VMS users.

Qognify VMS 7.3 is now currently available, the company said that Umbrella 8.0 will be available beginning the first week of July.


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