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RAD starts production run of 1K next-gen RIO solar-powered security towers

RAD starts production run of 1K next-gen RIO solar-powered security towers

DETROIT – Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), a subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX), announced that it has begun production of 1,000 units of its fourth generation RIO solar-powered, mobile security solution.

Steve Reinharz, CEO/CTO of AITX and RAD commented, “Generation 4 of both RIO and ROSA has been a huge undertaking for the entire Company. Every component and stage of the manufacturing process has been scrutinized to find ways to reduce costs while improving performance. In Gen 4, we’ve found the perfect recipe.”

Robotic Assistance Devices The company noted that RIO Gen 4 is a further optimization of Gen3 and specifically incorporates enhancements to realize procurement, assembly, shipping and deployment improvements. Materials, labor, shipping, and deployment costs are projected to provide up to 25% in cost savings with Gen 4 than the present Gen 3 devices over the entire length of the production run.

Reinharz continued, “The potential revenue from the successful deployment of 1000 RIO units, when added to our existing revenues is significant. As we have discussed internally, we appear to be entering a new chapter in the story of AITX, an exciting chapter where we turn the corner towards operational profitability and additional capabilities to sustain our exponential growth.” 

“It’s a credit to our incredible engineering teams that we are ahead of our stated target of beginning the 1,000-unit production run in March given we started the logistics process for this in January," Mark Folmer, president of RAD, stated. "Gen 4 will immediately provide a variety of cost savings related to assembly time with ROSA Gen 4 but perhaps most importantly with shipping and deployment. As we grow, I’m using the revenue-per-employee measurement to track our efficiencies.”

In a press release dated Sept. 28, 2023, RAD indicated that production of RIO Gen 4 was expected to commence in March 2024. The company expects to issue updates related to total devices contracted in fiscal year 2024 (ending Feb. 29, 2024), deployed units, RADDOG LE, sales and revenue growth in the coming weeks.


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