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ReconaSense announces new office, demo center on Fifth Avenue in NYC

ReconaSense announces new office, demo center on Fifth Avenue in NYC

AUSTIN, Texas—ReconaSense, a provider of intelligent security management systems, announced its expansion into New York City with a new office and demo center located on Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan.

President and CTO John Carter said the Manhattan office provides an ideal, centrally located demonstration and solution center for collaboration between end-users, consultants, and system integrators, and helps the company to “better serve” its expanding customer base in the Northeast region.

“After 30+ years of physical security and artificial neural network experience, we decided to bring a much-needed brain to physical security systems,” Carter said in the announcement. “ReconaSense fulfills our vision of converting the physical security industry from reactive to proactive, where tragic events can sometimes be preempted.”

To do this, he said, “You need a system with the deep intelligence to detect anomalies, then automate your desired responses via next-generation access control. Large customers are also extremely interested in finally having the ability to seamlessly integrate data from the many security sensors and building systems. This is a significant breakthrough.”

ReconaSense uses the company's NASA, aerospace and physical security experience to provide an Intelligent Security Management System that “leverages A.I. to flip physical security from a world of post-event forensics, to real-time prevention,” the company said. ReconaSense offers various solutions including access control and AI platforms.

ReconaSense is a sister company of Smarter Security, a provider of IP speedgates.


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