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Resolution Products and ipDatatel now branded Alula

Resolution Products and ipDatatel now branded Alula Company will be exhibiting at ISC West under the Alula name

HUDSON, Wis.—Alula, the new brand for Resolution Products and ipDatatel headquartered here, officially launched today, alongside the release of the Alula Connect+ platform—the first new product offering that combines influence from ipDatatel and Resolution Products.

“The Alula brand is one that's really meant to signify a different way of doing things, which I think this industry is long overdue for in terms of the technology, but, also simplicity,” Brian McLaughlin, the recently named CEO of the combined company, told Security Systems News. “We wanted to take a fresh, new, clean approach to the naming, which then resonates all the way down to the core operations of the business and the mission of the business, which … is really to try to simplify security and the connected home for professional dealers.”

“The name represents the collective capabilities and business across the board,” Mclaughlin said. Alula provides a range of security solutions, including wireless sensors, alarm communicators, standalone wireless alarm systems.

Essentially all products, services, apps and other brandings of Resolution Products and ipDatatel have been renamed Alula, McLaughlin said. The company's booth at ISC West will be fully branded as Alula. “The only thing that we're keeping the Resolution Products name on are some compatibles that we have. … Everything else is really focused on Alula,” he said.

The company briefly held the interim brand IPR earlier this year, prior to the official launch of the Alula brand.

The word alula is literally defined as part of a bird's wing, a part that aids flight, McLaughlin said, noting on the symbolism of Alula helping its dealers. “The alula enables the bird to fly, we're enabling our professional dealers to combat the many challenges that are coming their way,” McLaughlin said.

In the announcement of the new brand name, Alula also announced its Connect+ product. The Connect+ system is based on Resolution Products' Helix panel including ipDatatel's SecureSmart Network. “That is our first of many big, integrated products that really allow us to offer an end-to-end capability,” McLaughlin said.

The combination of ipDatatel and Resolution Products was first announced in September 2017. Russell Vail and Brian Seemann, founders of ipDatatel and Resolution Products respectively, are both still with the company. Resolutions Products was based in Hudson, Wis., ipDatatel was based in Houston, and Alula is maintaining offices in both locations. The total organization has about 3,500 dealers.

McLaughlin commented on how the two sides of the business complement each other. “The Hudson group has just brilliant engineering capabilities—hardware, sensor, and mobile application development, firmware,” he said. “On the other side you had really strong IP-based network configurations and web design capabilities. … It really was a perfect marriage.”


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