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Schneider Electric selects SecurityBridge as SAP security platform

Schneider Electric selects SecurityBridge as SAP security platform

INGOLSTADT, Germany—SAP (System applications and products) security provider SecurityBridge announced it has been selected by Schneider Electric as its SAP security platform.

SecurityBridge noted that its platform provides Schneider Electric with “advanced level of SAP visibility that enables the company’s IT teams to proactively manage potential risks arising from applications and custom code.”

Schneider Electric is a multinational energy and research company headquartered in France that focuses on digital automation. Its portfolio ranges from residential to industrial applications and more.

“SecurityBridge helped us automate our SAP application monitoring and vulnerability by easily integrating with our SIEM platform,” Schneider Electric Digital Risk Leader Thierry Eyraud said. “By doing this, we boosted security, lowered costs, and allowed our security team to focus on remediation.”

SecurityBridge’s continuous SAP security management process accelerates and prioritizes risk management with intelligence-driven and accelerated remediation processes through a two-step approach that:

1. Identifies cybersecurity tools targeting the SAP application layer and custom code while integrating the solution with the SIEM platform (QRadar from IBM). 

2. Evaluates solutions for robustness while covering forensics, internal and external threats, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and ease of integration and maintenance. 

The SAP platform also provides Schneider Electric with a single-pane-of-glass on the SAP security posture that covers multiple geographical regions with their local SAP installations. In addition, high-privileged access roles were reduced to a minimum, and the company’s security department received real-time policy break alerts.

“SecurityBridge is a true partner, and we count on this platform to alert us on critical vulnerabilities while automating SAP risk management practices,” noted Tony Parrillo, Global Head of Cybersecurity for Schneider Electric. “Our teams now communicate more effectively. SecurityBridge has become essential to our overall cybersecurity strategy.”

“Without complete visibility into the system and a continued patching process, SAP can be particularly vulnerable to internal and external cybersecurity threats,” added SecurityBridge CEO Christoph Nagy. “We are proud to help Schneider Electric enhance the resiliency and stability of their business operations.”

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