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SECURAM introduces advanced smart wall switches for home security

SECURAM introduces advanced smart wall switches for home security

LAS VEGAS – Security solutions provider SECURAM announced a new line of security-focused smart wall switches at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

SECURAM’s wall switches are programmable and integrate with existing security systems using their laser-based motion detection to secure the rooms in your home. In addition to the laser motion detection the switches also have an ambient light sensor, a night light, and backlit buttons. At $19.95 the switches come in three different configurations:

SECURAM WIFI Smart Switch SH-SS01: Non-Dimming, Wi-Fi

SECURAM WIFI Security Switch SH-SS02: Non-Dimming, Laser Motion Sensor

SECURAM WIFI Security Switch SH-SD01: Dimming, Laser Motion Sensor

 "Motion-controlled wall switches are a convenient way to control lighting, and motion detection is a must-have component of a home security system; we saw an opportunity to combine these two things into one cost-effective and non-obtrusive product that replaces a traditional wall switch," said Steve Davidson, Director of Marketing at SECURAM. "Our new security focused, smart wall switches add an important layer of protection to our SECURAM Guard home security service. Our growing line of smart home security products provides customers with a complete system for DIY home monitoring and smart home control."

Customers can set up, control and fine tune their smart security switches by making use of the SECURAM Guard mobile app. App users can also group other SECURAM security devices to create Scenes, “For example, users can program lights to come on when a SECURAM EOS door lock is unlocked and turn off when locked,” SECURAM wrote. “SECURAM switches also feature scene on/off buttons that can be programmed to initiate scenes without using the app. For example, when the scene button on the switch is pressed, it can turn off multiple lights and lock all doors of the home.”

SECURAM has planned to launch their smart wall switches on February 1 this year on both their website and Amazon. More on this and other SECURAM products at


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