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Sentry Enterprises partners with GAC for new IAM solution

Sentry Enterprises partners with GAC for new IAM solution

WEST CHESTER, Pa. – Sentry Enterprises has announced its partnership with Global Accountability Corporation (GAC), a technology company specializing in Near-Field Communication technology to produce a new Identity Access Management (IAM) product.

The pairing will bring together two different technologies that Sentry Enterprises says will create a comprehensive IAM solution they’re calling the Police Smart Card. Using GAC’s Near-Field Communication technology and Sentry Enterprises biometric authentication, the Police Smart Card offers users a seamless and secure way to authenticate and verify identities in a decentralized environment.

Sentry"We are proud to partner with Sentry Enterprises and their revolutionary technology," said Jim Kinsey, CEO of Global Accountability Corporation. "We feel that by adding our IP to what they have created, we now have a product that will change the face of IAM forever while being universally accepted in a decentralized fashion."

Sentry Enterprises said with only a QR code citizens can capture the officer's identification and contact information, then store it safely in their phone, access the incident information and other vital information, and complete a survey to help department officials identify and commend officers or to identify training opportunities. Activities designed to limit the interaction between officers and citizens and de-escalate conflict.

"We are thrilled to partner with GAC and bring our technologies together to create a game changing IAM solution," said Mark Bennett, CEO at Sentry Enterprises. "Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the highest level of security and convenience, and this partnership will help us achieve that goal."

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