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OTORIO, ServiceNow survey exposes significant OT cybersecurity risk

OTORIO, ServiceNow survey exposes significant OT cybersecurity risk

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Operational technology (OT) provider OTORIO and digital workflow company ServiceNow released a survey which implies significant cybersecurity risks.

Together they surveyed 200 C-level executives in the U.S. and Canada to identify challenges and priorities in OT cybersecurity. Results they said showed an increasing concern in the industry regarding cyber threats with 58% of organizations identifying their OT cybersecurity risk level as high or critical. Despite that, only 47% of companies surveyed have an OT cybersecurity solution in place, and 81% of respondents manage OT risks manually instead of through automation. An additional 49.7% of respondents have established a team to develop an OT security strategy but have not yet created the strategy.

"ServiceNow is committed to helping organizations address the growing OT cyber and regulatory risks highlighted by the survey,” said Karan Shrivastava, Director of Product Management, OT at ServiceNow. “The findings identify critical gaps in OT security strategies and underscore the need for a comprehensive, integrated, and automated approach to risk management. As a leading digital workflow company, we are proud to offer a solution that enables our customers to easily identify and prioritize risks, and improve their overall security posture."

OTORIO and ServiceNow said they are committed to providing comprehensive IT cybersecurity solutions for their customers. Their combined expertise and offerings make them well positioned to support organizations making their transformative digital journey they said, with the goal of delivering innovative solutions and providing the tools businesses need to navigate a changing technological landscape.

"These survey results are concerning, because they clearly show that many organizations have significant gaps in their security strategies that put them at high risk of OT cyber-attack,” said Daniel Bren, CEO & Co-Founder at OTORIO. “However, they also suggest that companies are moving towards a proactive approach to cybersecurity, prioritizing the protection of their assets and enhancing their security posture. Our industrial-native OT security platform, in combination with ServiceNow, offers a comprehensive solution to help organizations address today’s most complex regulatory and cybersecurity challenges."

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