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SIA announces 2023 Security Megatrends

SIA announces 2023 Security Megatrends

Security Megatrends

SILVER SPRING, Md. – The Security Industry Association (SIA) has released its 2023 Security Megatrends publication that identifies and forecasts key impact factors for the security industry in the coming year.

This year’s megatrends were based on survey data collected during the fall. It was also generated from focus group input from hundreds of security industry leadership, volunteers and speakers from the 2022 Securing New Ground (SNG) conference. The Security Megatrends report is produced yearly by the SIA and made available to member companies and registered attendees of SNG for free.

“The Security Megatrends are the top forces at play in security, shaping executives’ business decisions and expected to have far-reaching impacts on businesses across the industry,” SIA wrote in its release. “These trends play an instrumental role in the insights and discussions at SNG, which brings together the leading entrepreneurs, luminaries, CEOs and investors in the security industry for top-quality information sharing, networking and business analysis.”

For 2023, cybersecurity makes for the top trend recognized as impacting the industry thanks to its sweeping influence across multiple security disciplines and the number of changes to policy and government requirements as a result of changes in cybersecurity trends.

AI drops to the second position this year but still retains the industries interest with manufacturers turning to AI-driven analytics for their platforms and security solutions like facial recognition. The Security Megatrends report noted that AI has begin gaining popularity in public safety markets as ethical frameworks for its use are developed.

“Cybersecurity rose once again to be the top Security Megatrend for 2023, with AI closely following at No. 2 and autonomous devices entering the 2023 ranking for the first time ever. These new solutions and services like AI and autonomous devices hold great promise for improvements in security,” said James Rothstein, chair of SIA’s board of directors and operating partner with Lee Equity Partners. “We were pleased to see the industry recognize cybersecurity and ethical and safe use of data and technology among the top trends for 2023. This clearly demonstrates that security industry business leaders are focused not just on business opportunities but are mindful of the global impact that our industry’s advanced technologies can deliver.”

Other identified top trends include “Workforce Development” and “Changing Economic Conditions”. The report also shares perspectives on how those trends can affect security personnel, challenges faced, and predictions for how trends will develop during the year.

For more you can find the official release here or obtain the 2023 Security Megatrends report for yourself at


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