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Sightlogix' new camera is for 'the mass market'

Sightlogix' new camera is for 'the mass market'

LAS VEGAS—Showing the third-generation Thermal SightSensor camera at ISC West, Sightlogix CEO John Romanowich proclaimed that this iteration of the camera will “bring accurate outdoor security to the mass market."

It has “four times the processing power, it's one-third the size and one-third the weight of the previous generation,” Romanowich said. Most important though, is the fact that the power requirements are so low that it can be wireless and run on solar power. That means the most expensive part of the installation for outdoor applications, the trenching, is not necessary. Trenching is also where expensive mistakes can happen, he said.

The camera has “lens options that range from wide areas (90? FOV) to 600m distances, the NEMA 4X, nitrogen-purged Thermal SightSensor provides high probability of detect, and low nuisance alarm rate, video analytics day and night, in all weather conditions,” according to the company.

Why use Sightlogix instead of a different thermal camera? One reason: “When it's windy outside, our competition stops detecting,” Romanowich said.

This is a smart thermal camera that can be used as a kind of “outdoor burglar alarm,” Romanowich said.

At ISC West, Sightlogix also announced a partnership with Sureview Systems, where SightLogix integrates with Immix central station software.


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