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Silver burglars bypass alarms

Silver burglars bypass alarms

COLUMBUS, Ga.—Police in this city are on the lookout for burglars who stole more than $100,000 worth of silver from homes in the Green Island Hills neighborhood, according to a report from, a local broadcast news network.

The thieves used advanced techniques to bypass activated home security systems and alarms, the report noted.

“People work hard to accumulate what they have,” Columbus mayor Robert Poydasheff was quoted as saying in the article. “For someone to go into your home and invade your privacy, stealing what may be heirlooms, is just unconscionable.”

Some of the houses listed in the report are located in gated communities equipped with the latest security and alarm systems. Investigators on the case say the burglars defeated these systems by removing a small piece of door so as not to disrupt the motion sensors that would activate an alarm, according to the article. In at least one case, a windowpane was removed without breaking the glass.


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