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Specifically Speaking: Kevin Richmond

Specifically Speaking: Kevin Richmond President/senior security consultant, K2 Security Consulting, based in Denver

What kinds of systems do you design/specify and what services does the company provide?

K2 Security Consulting is an aviation security industry consultant that specializes in national and international airports security system design and commissioning. We provide a full suite of client consultancy services, including planning, design, cost estimation, technical construction management and commissioning.

Any interesting projects that you can mention?

The following is a list of some of our more notable recent projects:
• Denver International Airport security system design: Designing the airport's replacement Physical Access Control System (PACS) design.
• Kuala Lumpur International Airport Total Airport Management System: Construction manager for security systems working for the government of Malaysia as their airport security advisor.
• SeaTac International Airport Access Control System replacement design: Project manager and senior security designer.
• Portland International Airport's Replace Access Control System Project: Overall A/E project manager and security system design for $45 million sitewide project.
• 25 plus additional national and international airport security system designs for regional to CAT X and ICAO Annex 17 airports.

How did you get started in security and designing/specifying?

I first got started as a field engineer in the design of Federal Bureau of Prison Correctional Complexes. I also served as the engineer for the Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) Prison in Florence, Colo., which is the highest security facility in the U.S. I went on to design and install the security systems for the new Denver International Airport, which was the largest system installed at an airport in the world at the time.

Can you talk about what new or emerging technologies you are seeing or specifying today?

Emerging technologies currently being specified include biometric (fingerprint and facial recognition) for physical access control. And video analytics for video surveillance, including “shots fired,” queue line monitoring, wrong-way detection and perimeter intrusion detection. Video technologies include single and multi-imager megapixel cameras. With the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), the inclusion of Cyber Security requirements within project specifications is becoming more and more critical. There is also a push within the industry by TSA and airport security managers for combined airport communications and emergency operations centers, bringing agencies closer together for more efficient and timely coordination and resolution of events.

What is your view on the industry moving forward?

It is an exciting time in the airport aviation industry. With the low cost of oil reducing airline fuel costs and a significant amount of legacy airport security systems coming to their end of life, a significant amount of security system replacements opportunities exist.  Technologies such as video analytics and biometrics continue to advance and mature. As has always been the case on my projects my recommendations to clients is, and will always be, integrate where practical and not just for the sake of integration and staying “cutting edge” and not “bleeding edge” when it comes to technology.


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