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Specifically Speaking with ADRM’s Senior Technology Consultant Jack Meltzer

Specifically Speaking with ADRM’s Senior Technology Consultant Jack Meltzer

Specifically Speaking with ADRM’s senior technology consultant Jack Meltzer

YARMOUTH, Maine—Security Systems News caught up with Jack Meltzer, senior technology consultant with Advanced Data Risk Management (ADRM), based in Denver, Colo., who talks about his start in systems integration, as well as new trends including frictionless access control, managed services, cloud, AI and cyber-worthiness.

What's your role at the company?

As Senior Technology Consultant my role is multi-fold. I am a member of a great team with a “deep bench” of talent. In keeping with the baseball theme, I guess you could call me a utility player. I am a traditional security consultant. I also validate technology solutions and assist in business development initiatives working to instill best practices to achieve optimum solutions.

What kinds of systems do you design/specify and what services does the company provide?

We design and specify all of the traditional physical security solutions including but not limited to Surveillance Video, Access Control, Intrusion, Secure Perimeters, Advanced Analytics and “Intelligence.” Additionally, we specify innovative solutions such as CBRNE, Robotics and Drone Detection when required. And of course, we provide the means to integrate them into a comprehensive SOC/GSOC.

ADRM provides a myriad of service options for our clients to meet their various needs. Obviously, everything starts with the Risk Assessment process which uses a data driven approach. We also offer services for Physical Security Governance, Risk and Compliance (PS-GRC) where we continually monitor and apply global regulations and standards. After performing the assessments, we equip our clients with automated analytical reporting and planning tools. These lead to the creation of comprehensive planning that assures organizational compliance with physical security risk standards and guidelines.

We will, at the client’s direction, handle the bid/RFP process and commissioning. Should they choose, we will provide a complete Design Build solution. We also have in-house expertise to provide Business Continuity and Emergency Response Plans along with Policies and Procedures.

Finally, should the client desire, we offer Managed Services to reduce the burden on the client’s organization. This helps ensure that the design, planning and deployment investments are maximized, and all polices, and procedures are adhered to and optimized for the benefit of the client. How many times has an organization bought an expensive security solution only to utilize 20% of its capabilities? We strive to maximize our client’s investments, providing true ROI and reducing TCO.

We provide services for the Financial/Investment segment, Fortune 50 to 1000 Corporations, Bio Tech, Critical Infrastructure and its myriad of sub verticals, HealthCare, High-Net-Worth Properties and Municipalities.       

How did you get started in security and designing/specifying?

I grew up in this industry, pulling wire for my father who founded one of the industry’s original Systems Integration Houses as we used to call them. Back then we worked hand-in-hand with our clients, many times directly with the security directors of significant organizations. This close collaboration led to insights into the requirements and processes encountered in their programs. Our projects spanned every conceivable vertical which also helped educate and illuminate over the years. We also had a computer division going back to the 1980s and this furthered our unique solutions and skill sets.

When we completed work on a Federal Correctional Institution, which was the first in the history of the FBoP that came in on time and on budget, we started, at the request of the FBoP, a consulting group and consulted for a wide variety of clientele. I am also a combat veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, which provided a completely different perspective on “physical security”. I then spent nearly 20 years working directly with consultants globally representing several key manufacturers before returning to consulting with ADRM.

Can you talk about what new or emerging technologies and your view on the industry moving forward?

Obviously, the move to get back to in-person work is driving changes to existing technology and driving new solutions. Healthy buildings with “frictionless” touch-free options and green solutions are gaining momentum. Advancements in machine learning, pseudo AI capabilities and cloud-based solutions are prevalent.

Cloud solutions will continue to gain traction but cyber-hardening and adherence to international cyber standards must be an integral part of how we assess a vendor’s offerings. Cyber worthiness needs to be baked in, not an add-on. Computing power continues to grow, and intelligence at the edge will become more powerful. These intelligent data-driven solutions will assist security professionals in making real-time decisions as the threat landscape can change in an instant. As always, we need adherence to, and expansion of, standards which add value to our clients by increasing interoperability and promoting a vast eco-system from which to choose the best solution to fit their needs.

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