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SSN interview with i-PRO’s Adam Lowenstein

SSN interview with i-PRO’s Adam Lowenstein

SSN Interview with i-Pro’s Adam Lowenstein

DALLAS – At GSX 2023 Security Systems News (SSN) had the opportunity to interview Adam Lowenstein, director of product at i-PRO Americas, and discuss what's new with the surveillance and video analytics company.

The following is the transcript from that interview:

Adam LowensteinKEN SHOWERS: I'm Ken Showers with SSN and we're here talking with Adam Lowenstein from i-PRO. Adam, why don't you tell me what's going on here on the show floor?

ADAM LOWENSTEIN: Yeah, there's a couple of new exciting things coming from i-PRO. The first I want to talk about is our new analytic, or scene change detection, and what that is. That is the ability for the camera to learn the normal state of the scene. What should it normally look like under normal circumstances, and when something changes, then send an alert.

So, let me give you an example. If we've got a camera pointed at a door, and the normal state of the scene is that the door should be closed? When that door opens and stays open for, say, longer than 30 seconds: create an alert, notify the user so that they can take action on this. (This) could also be done with packages left on the loading dock from Amazon Prime or from UPS or FedEx. Anything where the camera needs to learn the normal state, and when it's changed, notify me so I can take action. Really unique. Seems very simple, but a really useful tool in today's world.

The other thing I really want to talk about is i-PRO's new Endurance 7-year surveillance camera warranty that's available now. So, all i-PRO camera end users will now get seven years of warranty with our products. We're really excited about being able to offer that because of the reliability and quality that Panasonic and now i-PRO stands for.

KEN SHOWERS: Excellent, what's next for i-PRO?

ADAM LOWENSTEIN: Yes, so with i-PRO we’re going to continue to fill-in new product categories, new form factors, higher resolution and what we're continuing to maintain are really the three most important factors for i-PRO. That’s everything we do from a road map from a road map standpoint. So, we're very much open platform company. We will continue to support not only our own VMS solution, but partnering with the market leaders, Genetec, Milestone, and others. So, we will continue to remain a very open platform provider.

We're also going to continue to advance our edge AI capabilities. So, faster processors, more analytics that can be run at the same time. Really trying to be easier for the user to manage their facility. And the third thing is we're continuing to advance our cybersecurity protocols utilizing NIST [National Institute of Standards and Technology] standards. As NIST continues to release new protocols, we will continue to adopt those and even go beyond what NIST recommends. So that data, because our cameras are generating such high volumes of data today? That data has to be protected and that's a responsibility that i-Pro will bring to the end user.

KEN SHOWERS: Well, thank you so much for having us here today, Adam. This has been SSN live from the floor at GSX.


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