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Talking keypads and panels with Chip Shiver

Talking keypads and panels with Chip Shiver

DAYTON, Ohio—It's safe to say that Chip Shiver, president of Sonitrol SW Ohio and Shiver Security Systems, got into the industry a bit earlier than most. “I guess you could say I was born into it,” he told Security Systems News. Shiver's father started Sonitrol of Southwest Ohio in 1971, based here, and since then Shiver has been involved “on and off since day one.”

Early on, Shiver never had any intention to stay in the industry. But ultimately, after going through school, maturity intervened, he said. Shiver began to realize that, like his father, he too wanted to remain a part of the industry he knew so well.

“It just hit me that there's something here,” he said. “I really have no regrets. I've seen a lot of things and been around a lot of opportunities, but I can't think of one at this point that I would exchange for what I've been involved with in this industry.”

Here's how an industry lifer manages security at home.

What kind of system do you have?
I have a Sonitrol system in my residence. It would be the latest version Sonitrol system, which we term the iBase. This is a panel that we transmit via the Internet in our residence and back up with cellular as far as transmission. It's pretty much like all other systems in the industry with the exception that it's a verified system and we verify by the use of audio detectors.

Why this particular setup?
Because I think the audio verification gives me the maximum possible protection for my residence when I'm not at home. In other words, I have every other means of detection in my residence that typically the other systems offer, but in addition I have audio, so I'm protecting my residence from the roof, the wall, ceiling glass, basically any point of entry when the residence is empty.

What is the one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without?
The audio. It's the way I'd go as far as verification, and the only means to supplement it would be the video side of it, which would give you a sure means of verification. If I had to choose audio or video, I'd take the audio because cameras can't see around corners, and I would have to put a tremendous amount of cameras in my residence to replace the coverage I get from the audio.

Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends?
I see a lot of integration between the audio and systems because I believe verification is here and I believe it's the way to go. I see smarter cameras coming, and I see a lot more integration in the security industry that would do far more than just security, fire or access control. With smart cameras and smarter devices, some of this could get into management of business on the retail side of it. I see smarter homes and smarter commercial sites.


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