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Thief caught on surveillance cameras arrested

Thief caught on surveillance cameras arrested

BELLEVILLE, Ill.—Surveillance cameras outside Pinnacle Electronic Systems caught a burglar breaking into a Salvation Army, and chronicled his getaway, leading to his arrest, according to a report from, a Fox affiliate in St. Louis.

The suspect, Brian Schissler, broke in to the Salvation Army in Belleville, Ill. around 2:30 a.m., using a brick to break the glass, the report said. He allegedly stole all the store's DVDs and video games before escaping. While an older, black-and-white security camera did not capture much detail about the burglar, a color, high-definition camera pointed up the street showed Schissler running away and going into his house just one block up the street, the report said.

The next morning, Schissler, 34, was arrested and charged with one count of burglary.

“The cameras are not hidden,” Bryan Bowman, co-owner of Pinnacle Electronics Systems, was quoted as saying in the Fox 2 report. “They are quite obvious and if you are silly enough to do something across from where we are at, that's on you.”


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