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The Thrill Is Gone

The Thrill Is Gone

What? You thought with that title I was on my way out and considering a career outside of the security industry? You should be so lucky.

No, as I travel down to Pitt-town for ESX (seriously? Am I going to watch game 6 of the NBA finals in Pittsburgh? I'm having a hard time reconciling that fact), I'm just getting around to posting a full video at somewhat decent quality of the PSA-TEC jam. This was taken with an actual video camera, though I can't exactly vouch for my cameramen (ahem, cough, where are the other songs?, ahem).

Anyway, it's “The Thrill Is Gone,” featuring Paul Michael Nathan on harmonica, Frank DeFina on guitar (the guy on the right), one of the Samsung sales guys whose name I can't remember on vocals, Daved Levine on bass, Jerry Cordasco on drums, a ringer from Louisiana on the other guitar, and me waiting for my turn on the NEXT song in the wings (at which point the camera apparently ran out of batteries - bad jokes in the comments better be good).


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