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University of Illinois adds more Scallop cameras

University of Illinois adds more Scallop cameras Camera design and capabilities suit schools

BOSTON—Steve Gorski, Scallop Imaging chief sales officer, called the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign “a very loyal customer” that has increased the number of Scallop cameras over the past three years.

“Today they have over 150 of our cameras installed,” Gorski told Security Systems News.

Scallop Imaging, based here, specializes in providing clear, 180-degree video through connecting images from multiple sensors for better situational awareness. Read more about the company here.

The 1,800-acre campus installed 50 Scallop D7-180 cameras in early 2012, Gorski said. It now has a mix of D7-180s and Scallop's low-light camera, the M6-200.

Scallop cameras provide the wide field of view and the low-light capabilities that campus officials wanted, he said. The school also liked that Scallop's cameras don't “look” like a camera, Gorski said.

The cameras' solid-state technology camera—no moving parts—is very durable, he said. “I think they've been extremely satisfied with the quality of the product, and the longevity of the product.”

Education is a key vertical market for Scallop, said Gorski, due to the cameras' appearance and the low-light capabilities.

About 16 percent of the campus' cameras are from Scallop Imaging. The campus uses Milestone's VMS and installs in-house.


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