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World Excellence Awards announces global OSPAs for 2025

World Excellence Awards announces global OSPAs for 2025

World Excellence Awards announces global OSPAs for 2025

YARMOUTH, Maine – The World Excellence Awards, which has run the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) since 2015, is taking the awards global.

Beginning with Norway, Australia, and Germany, the awards have expanded to include Benelux, Canada, France, India and South Asia, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Romania, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and the USA. Now, beginning in 2025, category winners from each country will qualify for entry into the global awards.

“When we started the OSPAs we always envisaged and were working towards the Global OSPAs, that is why the categories are the same, the judging criteria is the same, and the judges are selected in the same way in all countries,” said OSPAs founder, Professor Martin Gill. “Ten years on we are ready to recognize the outstanding performers in security globally. We are excited by the prospect that everyone who enters the OSPAs in 2024 has the chance of not only winning in their country but in the world.”

Organizers said the OSPAs pride themselves on being different, having been designed to be ethical, and based on values of being independent, credible, transparent, and respectable. Judges are not appointed for the awards, they are nominated by supporting associations and interest groups.

Categories included in the Global OSPAs will be:

  • Outstanding In-House Security Manager/Director
  • Outstanding Contract Security Manager/Director
  • Outstanding Security Team
  • Outstanding Security Company (Guarding)
  • Outstanding Security Consultant
  • Outstanding Security Training Initiative
  • Outstanding Security Installer/Integrator
  • Outstanding New Security Product
  • Outstanding Security Partnership
  • Outstanding Security Officer
  • Outstanding Female Security Professional
  • Outstanding Young Security Professional
  • Outstanding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
  • Outstanding Security Sustainability Award

The first event is scheduled to occur digitally sometime near the beginning of 2025, with details to be published by the Global OSPAs website at a future date.


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