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Safe Cities: Powered by interoperability

Safe Cities: Powered by interoperability

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Original Event Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 ~ 2:00PM - 3:00PM

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Successful safe city deployments heavily leverage the integration of multiple systems and technologies to achieve a comprehensive and streamlined approach to public safety and security. This integration is made possible by standards that drive interoperability across products spanning a variety of vendors and technology disciplines. 

We’ll explore how open standards like ONVIF bring commonality to communication between these disparate devices and security systems and how these standards enable interoperability, one of the biggest challenges faced by safe cities today. 

Key learning points: 

  1. Understand the role of and challenges of interoperability in safe/smart city security deployments. 
  2. Examine the different stakeholders in a safe city environment and their unique needs 
  3. Recognize how standards facilitate interoperability in safe/smart city security deployments 
  4. Identify how different cities/manufacturers/systems integrators are approaching safe/smart city security deployments. 
  5. Standard-setting groups are looking toward a global Internet of Things standard that can help fuel safe cities as well as other possibilities in interoperability between systems. 

Featured speakers: 
Tom Dodrill, Pelco™ by Schneider Electric™ 
Per Björkdahl, current Chair of the ONVIF Steering Committee

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