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Access control in the cloud with IMRON Corp.'s UnityIS

Access control in the cloud with IMRON Corp.'s UnityIS

IRVINE, Calif.—As companies continue to migrate their applications more and more into the cloud from on-prem, finding the right cloud provider to work with is imperative for security integrators to stay up-to-date and relevant to their customers.

Since 1997, IMRON Corporation has been providing security management software and access control solutions, with a commitment to and support of open architecture. The company's fully scalable, customizable, non-proprietary, open standard products have been installed in and field-tested at over 10,000 sites globally. This much success lies in focusing on the customer, which ensures the highest convergence of technology and customer acceptance.

The company's flagship product, UnityIS, a software solution that integrates with hardware systems for access control, intrusion, fire and video, offers complete access management in the cloud from any internet-connected device, at any location.

“There is no on-premise software to load, which alleviates the extra costs of maintenance, back-ups and increases up-time,” Fawzia Atcha, Ph.D., vice president of IMRON Corporation told Security Systems News, when asked about the benefits of access control being managed in the cloud. “The cloud solutions turn what used to be a capital expense with on-prem, into an operating expense.”

End users benefit from not having to maintain systems and constantly have them configured and reconfigured, allowing for simple, efficient access control.

According to Atcha, “UnityIS includes a full range of features: instantly add a new user, update an existing record and assign advanced access control attributes; view real-time events as they occur in the system; be alerted to real-time system alarms; monitor and control doors from anywhere; graphic maps for video and access control devices; advanced reporting … just select, generate and share reports.”

Usage comes in the form of a monthly or annual subscription model that is based on the number of doors with unlimited access and no upfront license fees or annual maintenance fees. This model allows for scalability and flexibility, adjusting with customers' growing needs.

“With UnityIS, we preconfigure hardware for easier out-of-the-box installation,” Atcha explained. “Once the hardware is installed, we configure all hardware in the cloud. No gateway needed. With automatic software updates, users to rest assure they are utilizing the latest in features and security, all of which results in reduced installation and management time, translating to cost-savings for all.”


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