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ADT partners with Uber for in-app safety features

ADT partners with Uber for in-app safety features

ADT partners with Uber for in-app safety features

YARMOUTH, Maine – ADT Security Services has announced that it is partnering with mobility as-a-service provider Uber to offer in-app safety for riders and drivers across the United States.

In a statement provided on August 30 ADT discussed the integration of their mobile safety solutions into the Uber app that allows clients and customers to get live help via ADT professional monitoring agents by phone or text anywhere in the U.S.

“When a user requests a call or text exchange the ADT agent can monitor an ongoing trip, stay in contact throughout that trip, and call 911 on the user’s behalf with key trip details, like the vehicles make, model, license plate number and GPS location,” said Leah Page, ADT’s Vice President of emerging business and mobile security. “Uber’s live help from a safety agent feature is supported by ADT’s mobile safety platform, Safe by ADT. It is fully integrated into the Uber app. Riders, drivers, and delivery people can access ADT’s 24-7 professional monitoring and emergency assistance for greater peace of mind.”

ADT notes that Uber is just one of a growing number of enterprises making use of Safe by ADT for their mobile app security features. This roll out of the feature is part of Uber’s release of their new Safety Toolkit (original debut 2018). “Being able to provide safety services from a recognizable and trusted brand like ADT in our Safety Toolkit will be invaluable in helping Uber users navigate uncomfortable situations,” Rebecca Payne, Lead Safety Product Manager at Uber said. “This new feature will give users additional peace of mind knowing that ‘Live Help from a Safety Agent’ is available right in the app whenever they need it.”

In spite of the new service offering Uber stock prices had slipped during mid-day trading, but ADT’s response to the partnership has a positive outlook reflective of the promise of their application services. “Uber’s partnership with ADT is a powerful endorsement of Safe by ADT and the trust they place in us to help protect riders and drivers who use its platform,” Director of Business and Corporate Development at ADT, Peter Skeadas said. “It also establishes ADT as a partner of choice when it comes to keeping mobile workers and patrons safe and continues to expand our presence beyond the home.”

ADT’s ability to contact 911 extends to all 50 states and D.C., however due to local ordinances that does not apply to Milwaukee, Wi. App users are still able to text or call 911 directly. The full statement from ADT can be found at


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