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TYSONS, Va. – has introduced its new Smart Thermostat HD. 

The company says its product is fully integrated into smart home security systems and is Energy Star certified. “This newest connected thermostat offers end users next-level comfort and control, plus the ability to monitor the health of the heating and cooling systems to optimize performance and avoid costly repairs. The Smart Thermostat HD is a top-of-the-line solution with its sleek form factor and color touchscreen display. It is easy it is to install thanks to an on-display installation wizard, and homebuilders can take advantage of immediate energy savings prior to account setup.”

Features for the new Smart Thermostat HD include a high-resolution full-color touchscreen display, monthly HVAC health reports, humidity and vent control, intuitive user interface and in-app diagnostic alerts, and a motion sensor that wakes the display on approach. The thermostat has access to every sensor in the security system and can take cues from the security panel with a diversity of notifications options like extreme temperatures, frozen pipes, and more.

“Through Places, the thermostat reacts by using real-time data to adapt quickly to changes in the routine. For example, if headed home early, the location automation feature will set the thermostat forward out of ‘savings mode' to cool or warm the house to the preferred temperature,” writes. “Also, since it is connected to the security panel's status and Places, the Smart Thermostat will set to an energy-saving temperature after leaving the house for the day.  With access to real-time weather data, the Smart Thermostat can even adjust automatically on extremely hot or cold days to help save on energy bills. It's also compatible with ‘demand response' programs from utility companies, that are eligible for reduced rates if the local electric company offers them. In the event a connected smoke and carbon monoxide sensor detects a hazard, the thermostat instantly shuts the HVAC down, minimizing the chance of toxic gas or damaging smoke circulating throughout the home.” also notes that the thermostat is the first built specifically for the smart home. For more information about the Smart Thermostat HD and other products and services you can visit


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