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Athena Security system deployed at Jefferson Regional

Athena Security system deployed at Jefferson Regional

Athena Security system deployed at Jefferson Regional

AUSTIN, Texas – American security firm Athena Security has announced that its weapons detection system has been deployed by Jefferson Regional of Southwest Arkansas.

Jefferson Regional is a not-for-profit health facility with 300 beds providing essential healthcare services for 11 different counties for more than a century. In equipping themselves with the Athena Security weapons detection system they are carrying on a tradition of leveraging state of the art technology to better serve their patients, visitors, and employees.

“Whether it's adding the daVinci surgical robot to improve patient care or the Athena Security weapons screening for added safety at both our main hospital entrance as well as the Emergency Department entrance at Jefferson Regional, we always try to do what is best for our community,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Peter Austin. “As we looked for an entryway security provider, we knew we needed to cover both entrances for comprehensive coverage.  The provider needed to be responsive, have personable service and the ability to minimize risk at our facility. Athena was our number one choice.”

Jefferson Regional is also benefiting from Athena Security’s incident reporting software. Last month Security Systems News reported on the phenomena of violence against healthcare workers which is 12 times higher than the overall workforce according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. “This was a client pain point that they asked us to solve for them,” Athena CEO Michael Green told SSN in March. “We listened to our clients’ needs and they requested it to streamline operations and to be able to gather this valuable information to enact effective change.” The Healthcare Violence Reporting software is free to existing users of the Athena Security Weapons Detection System.

Jefferson Regional has adopted a proactive stance in securing its campus, and regular security assessments have led to improvements like the addition of security cameras, increased patrols, additional security vehicles, and panic alarms among other enhancements, backed by a security staff with over 200 years of experience.

Athena Security has also released their new visitor management system to help with workflow and the security of patients and visitors checking in. Athena says this addition helps automate the security of the entryways by identifying minors, persons of interest, speeding the check-in process, limiting visitors per room and much more.  

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