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Blue Star provides PERS to veterans

Blue Star provides PERS to veterans Company is ‘By vets, for vets’

BETHESDA, Md.—Blue Star, a veteran-focused PERS provider based here, is looking to more than triple its sales by this fall, in part by partnering with veterans' organizations.

Robert Wray, CEO of Blue Star and former two-star Navy admiral, told Security Systems News that when he retired 18 months ago, he wanted to make life better for older veterans. “The way we make life better is to try to provide technologies that keep them safe and independent at home.”

Wray launched the company on Veteran's Day in 2014 and began sales in January. “We're leading with PERS, with the medical alert, primarily because it's the simplest, it's the easiest to understand, and it's the most ubiquitous.”

In the company's first six months of business, Blue Star has added 600 customers, Wray said. He added that the company's goal is to be adding 1,000 accounts a month by this fall.

Wray said that Blue Star will partner with veterans' associations like the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled American Veterans. “Ultimately [these partnerships] gives us credibility, and it helps to encourage trust in us,” Wray said.

Blue Star is “by vets, for vets. … We're owned by veterans, we focus on veteran families, we hire veterans to provide our services, and we donate a portion of profits to veteran causes,” Wray said.

Wray said half of the 45 million seniors in this country are veterans or have family members who are veterans.  Wray said Blue Star would also welcome non-veteran customers.

Blue Star accounts are monitored by Legacy Security Services, based in Greenville, S.C.

The company has 14 employees, all veterans. Wray said Blue Star offers PERS several PERS brands including iHelp, Beacon and Mytrex.


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