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Dahua Technology finds success in the North American security market in just five years

Dahua Technology finds success in the North American security market in just five years

IRVINE, Calif.—Growing from one to 100 employees in five years is a feat for any company; just ask Director of Marketing Tim Shen of Dahua Technology USA who, along with the dedicated team, did just that by overcoming logistics challenges and cultural hurdles.

“Building anything from ground zero is always a challenge,” Shen told SSN. “Understanding and communication were the top priorities for the past five years.” And, by “understanding” Shen does not just mean the local market but also having “our team understand our initiatives and goals has been and is even more important” to developing a strong group of local, experienced industry professionals to serve the video surveillance market.

Shen attributes Dahua's five years of success in North America to strong determination not only to grow the business itself, but to “actively learning, and continuing to learn what the market needs and seek out where our product offerings could provide value to our customers and to the security needs of North America.”

Keeping up with the security industry's video surveillance needs has kept Dahua on the cusp of technological innovation. At ISC West 2019 in Las Vegas, the company announced the addition of two new multi-sensor cameras to their North America IP product line, which currently offers full solutions of IP and HDCVI panoramic cameras. The following is a list of the camera's features, abilities and main market differentiators:

  • Four modules each feature a 2.7 to 12 mm motorized lens for ease of installation;
  • Integrated IR illuminators (up to 98 feet) help minimize blind spots for improved situational awareness;
  • Create 180-, 270- or 360-degree configurations for precise field of view with targeted illumination by moving each lens/module simultaneously around the camera's track; and
  • Three-axis lens allows the lens to rotate in a variety of directions.


“One of the most expensive components when it comes to adding surveillance cameras is the cost of labor,” Shen explained. “The Multi-Flex offers four cameras in an all-in-one, indoor/outdoor housing for a lower cost of installation and maintenance. Labor, cabling and the number of VMS licenses can be cutback for a higher return on investment and customers benefit from cleaner, less cluttered aesthetics, compared to installing multiple devices.”

Overall, Dahua employees felt that ISC West 2019 attendance was strong and that the show is still a valuable opportunity to make connections, grow existing relationships and provide branding opportunities. The company's ISC West theme, “Empowering through Technology,” is a testament to empowering customers with what they need to be successful. For example, “five-year warranties allow smaller dealers to take the risk of offering a 'no-risk, five-year, lease-to-own program for end users and customers,” Shen said. Dahua also offers the following to their registered dealer partners:

  • Learn Dahua, an online platform offering video tutorials and courses specific to Dahua technology; and
  • Monthly webinars via DahuaWiki, a public resource providing side-by-side product comparisons, manuals, how-tos, live camera demos, software and firmware.


Fun Fact: Since the launch of DahuaWiki, it has received seven million hits and currently averages approximately 16,000 hits per day!

Another unique way in which Dahua empowers their dealers is with their proprietary penta-brid technology that offers standard analog, AHD, IP, HDCVI and HDTVI. “This provides dealers with increased flexibility for their analog systems, both at initial installation and in the future,” said Shen. “By providing multiple formats [dealers] can choose to use all Dahua equipment or equipment from multiple manufacturers based on their needs and preference.” By giving dealers flexible options, they are empowered to work within their customer's budgets and needs with fewer limitations.

So, what's next on the horizon for Dahua? Continuous innovation with new, advanced technologies and products, resulting in industry growth. “There is a focus on innovating for today's industry needs, as well as maintaining a future-focused product design approach to stay ahead of trends and adapt to change,” Shen said. “This focus allows us to equip dealers and integrators with the most advanced offerings, educate them on the benefits and then empower them to be at the forefront of their markets.” Dahua's offerings are created with a range of applications for a variety of budgets and are integrated with third-party vendors. New products will continue to be future-focused with advances in analytic features and IoT-integrated capabilities.

“Our North American presence was not built in one day,” explained Shen, “but with strong engineering and backup support from Dahua's headquarters, Dahua's solutions are now distributed through more than 20 North American distribution partners.” Shen also complimented their in-house sales and technical support teams that offer customer assistance when needed.

“Five years is a small milestone for us and we are confident that we can continue to support the industry with top-notch products, solutions and services,” Shen concluded.





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