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Data privacy more important than ever before

Data privacy more important than ever before

YARMOUTH, Maine—With data privacy taking center stage both in Europe with the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and here in the U.S. as well with New York and California adopting their own strict standards, this month's poll looks at how the security industry is handling this important topic.

When asked the million-dollar question — Does the U.S. need to adopt its own GDPR? — an overwhelming 71 percent of respondents said that the U.S. should follow what Europe is doing with its GDPR. Eighteen percent said that the U.S. “is just fine” without such regulation, and the remaining 12 percent responded, “unsure.”

Respondents were somewhat divided on when a similar data protection regulation could come to the U.S., with 59 percent saying, “Soon, as it is already happening,” and the other 41 percent saying, “Not for some time.” Some respondents pointed to what is going on the state level on both coasts as a sign of what could come in the future to more states and even nationally.

“The California and New York state standards make GDPR look like child's play,” noted one respondent. “Get ready to get serious about privacy.”

When asked if the industry is doing enough to address data privacy issues, 33 percent said there is not enough being done, while another 53 percent noted that the industry is doing its part but noted “even more can be done.” Only 13 percent felt that industry organizations are currently doing enough to address this issue.

“There's so much that needs to be done,” said one respondent. “Data is $$. We need to protect it A LOT better. Anyone can find anything about anyone quickly. Privacy is a right.”


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