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Defendify talks rebrand and updates to website and app

Defendify talks rebrand and updates to website and app

Defendify talks rebrand and updates to website and app

PORTLAND, Maine – Cybersecurity platform Defendify has followed up on its recent funding round and user base expansion with a redesign of their website as well as updates to their app for improved ease of use for customers.

Touted as an all-in-one cybersecurity solution, the Defendify platform streamlines cybersecurity assessments, training, detection, policies and testing into a single SaaS solution that can fit an organization’s needs, even those with small IT teams. The redesign marks a fresh new face to go with strong growth in outreach following a $3.35 million round of funding in August.

“We’re excited to unveil Defendify’s refreshed identity, which is a culmination of all the hard work our team has put in to understand our target customer and market dynamics,” said Emily Carville, Chief of Marketing at Defendify. “With Defendify, our customers can achieve comprehensive, ongoing protection with continuous support from our team of cybersecurity experts, helping IT leaders anticipate threats and mitigate risk, without having a full internal security team. This new brand approach reaffirms our commitment to making it easier for our customers to ensure they can put into place stronger protection backed by trusted advisors, while laying the foundation for continued growth for Defendify and our customers in the years ahead.”

Security Systems News reached out to Carville to talk more about the redesign process and the updates that have been made to Defendify’s app.

“In 2021, in response to the evolution of our business model over the first few years since inception in 2017, we identified a need to reassess our brand positioning and how we convey the Defendify value proposition in our messaging to our target market as well as to our customers,” Carville said. “We determined first the need to redefine our target market based on customer insights and data-driven trends in the growth of the business, and we knew we wanted to move quickly from there into execution with new go-to-market strategies. We then interviewed several leading brand agencies in search of a strategic partner to help us reassess the market, update our brand strategy and positioning, and go to market with fresh messaging and a new visual approach to tell the Defendify story and reason for being more clearly.

“It was important to us, above all else, to lead with more specificity around why and how we’re different, with a focus on how organizations of all types and sizes from around the world benefit from partnering with Defendify to build their cyber posture and ensure continuous protection. We hired a digital shop that excels in brand strategy as well as digital-first design and development, setting out first to conduct quantitative and qualitative research, including customer interviews as well as market and competitive analysis, before building out our brand strategy and personas and then launching a new website and updating the Defendify app.

“Insights from customer interviews and the market assessment we conducted – as well as data-driven digital marketing findings – directly influenced our approach to building the underpinnings of our new site, starting with information architecture and moving into content strategy across copy and design as well as all interactive elements on the site. We updated the names of the 13 modules comprising the Defendify solution set, and we updated the color palette, our messaging, and our graphics across both the site and the app.”

SSN also asked Carville about how Defendify went about simplifying the website and their app for customer use. “Perhaps the most important element of our brand refresh was an unrelenting focus on simplifying and updating the ways in which we communicate why and how we do what we do at Defendify,” said Carville. “Aimed at better meeting the customer where s/he is in his/her journey to discover targeted solutions to specific problems in the cybersecurity space. Updating the names of our modules was a key place to start, and we took a data-driven approach to understanding market trends and consumer needs to get us there – we now have industry standard language that makes it easier for IT leaders to find the solutions they are seeking at Defendify.

“The marketing team worked closely with our agency to build some key pages to consolidate what comprises the Defendify All-In-One cybersecurity solution as well as the layered approach we take to building up protection in a scalable way for our customers. We took care to ensure the user experience and interface includes different entry points and navigational aids to enable all site visitors to understand how we do what we do, and why, focused on what’s in it for them. We did this by building different approaches to meet the needs of unique visitors – including adding a How does it work? section to all product pages in addition to key features and benefits, plus developing a set of icons and other graphics to illustrate and differentiate more clearly our products. We also built a new explainer video as an overview of Defendify and added video transcripts to all videos to ensure accessibility.

Carville continued. “From there, we put a lot of time and energy into reorganizing the great content and tools the Defendify marketing and product teams have spent years developing, surfacing on product pages and other areas of the site relevant thought leadership content from within our blog, library of webinars and podcasts, and the like to enable visitors to to get a deeper understanding of how our solutions can work for them, in context. We also elevated the three free tools Defendify offers to all site visitors to ensure ease of access across multiple areas of the site. Finally, we built new custom pricing functionality on the website to ensure users can specify their exact needs and understand more clearly the flexibility and scalability of the Defendify platform.”

Readers can see the new look firsthand and learn more about Defendify’s cybersecurity platform or even request a demo at


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