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DMP releases Bluetooth and Proximity Reader for frictionless access control

DMP releases Bluetooth and Proximity Reader for frictionless access control

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. —DMP (Digital Monitoring Products), an independent manufacturer of innovative intrusion, fire, access control, network and cellular communication products, announced the release of its SR3 Bluetooth & Proximity Reader.  

The new Bluetooth solution was designed for use with existing 125 kHz cards or via a mobile credential that is easily and uniquely deployed within the DMP Virtual Keypad app.

“With this new Bluetooth solution, you’ve got frictionless access control — the phone remains in your pocket for hassle-free entry,” said DMP Vice President of Marketing Mark Hillenburg. “Users get the convenience they prefer, plus it creates an easy-to-deploy — one-time purchase — mobile credential without all the hassle and expense of ongoing monthly costs.”

Easy to manage

The SR3 Bluetooth & Proximity Reader gives your customers an advanced access control solution, and yet the new mobile credentials are just as easy to manage virtually, without having to ship, mail or deliver physical credentials. Once credentials are assigned, those users automatically receive an email with instructions on how to log in to Virtual Keypad to begin using their mobile credentials immediately.

“Keep in mind that customers can allow the Virtual Keypad app to be used for mobile credentials only,” Hillenburg pointed out. “This means they can give their users the access they’re assigned but control the authority of any user and keep other system functions, such as arming and viewing video or any other app functions from appearing on their app menu.”

Instantaneous ordering and issuing

From purchase to issuing, the new mobile credentials are electronically and instantly transmitted to the user. Any number of the Mobile Credentials can be purchased and managed directly from DMP’s administrative portal called Dealer Admin and instantly assigned to customers.

“Customers will appreciate such fast service and the ability to give their users the smartphone convenience they prefer,” Hillenburg noted. “There’s no need to waste money on the logistics of old fashioned cards and tags when you can completely manage these mobile credentials easily and securely from a single screen.”

Is it secure?

With a mobile access credential that’s loaded on Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, the card data is nearly impossible to copy or clone — plus, it is far less likely to be lost or stolen. Bluetooth operates flexibly through wireless networking at short range. When in range for access control, BLE securely transmits the credential to the reader using encrypted technology that’s protected behind the smartphone’s security parameters. Additionally, the credential is programmed with a unique ID number that is embedded on the readers so that readers and credentials only acknowledge each other with matching ID numbers.


While this new SR3 reader capitalizes on advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, it also supports 125 kHz proximity credentials. This gives businesses the flexibility to gradually transition their readers to the newer technology while also accommodating employees with proximity credentials.

For additional information, please contact, call 877-757-4367 or click here to find the DMP Dealer Development Manager in your area. 




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