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Doyle Security Systems partners with Greenlight Networks

Doyle Security Systems partners with Greenlight Networks

ROCHESTER, NY — Doyle Security Systems, residential and commercial security, fire and medical monitoring systems provider, and Greenlight Networks, a fiber-optic internet service provider, have launched a strategic partnership.

Both companies are headquartered in Rochester, N.Y. and share a similar footprint across New York State. Through the partnership, Doyle and Greenlight said they are excited to bring the best-quality security and fiber-optic internet to the communities they serve. The rapid growth of home automation, wireless cameras and remote system control in the security industry has increased the need for high-speed internet in homes and businesses that use those services, which the companies said makes the partnership extremely valuable to their consumers.

“We’re thrilled to partner with such a reliable brand and are confident that Greenlight’s high-speed fiber-optic internet is a perfect complement to our state-of-the-art security solutions at Doyle,” said Jack Doyle, CEO of Doyle Security Systems.

“Greenlight’s longstanding mission is to provide high-speed fiber Internet services so users can work, live, and play without limits. Security is an increasingly important component of people’s lives, and our fiber network enables the real-time monitoring, remote access, and faster response times associated with Doyle Security’s security management products and services,” said Michele Sadwick, Greenlight’s chief revenue officer. “We are excited to work with Doyle Security Systems to bring the power of these combined companies to the residents of Rochester.”

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