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Earnestly Speaking

Earnestly Speaking

The day of this blog marks the start of several weeks’ worth of Q1 quarterly earnings calls, and it’s my greatest hope that someone will have something exciting to say.

Make no mistake, from what I’ve seen of the industry these past few months it sounds like business is booming and a lot of companies are going to post some impressive first quarter numbers, but that’s boring. “Everybody made money” is a good story, but its not a very interesting story.

So what I’m going to be on the lookout for are those tasty tidbits that they like to drop during these calls when they think you’re not paying attention. Mergers and acquisitions, unexpected short falls, lawsuits. There’s been some developments in ASSA ABLOY’s fight with the United States Department of Justice and I hope to hear them comment on it during the meeting. Anything that isn’t just robotically posting the company’s CAGR.

I’m serious! I’ll be writing at a minimum eight of these stories, it would be nice if they didn’t all read the same way. NRG Energy has fully absorbed Vivint now and I assume all of their legal responsibilities as well, so I wonder what dent that’s made in their quarterly projections. It’s not the most riveting thing in the world but after a few of these that kind of stuff is music to my ears.

Now if only I could convince everyone to hold their meetings at more convenient times, what do you say guys?

One vote in favor of brunch time meetings.   


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