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Elisa Mula joins SSN Advisory Board

Elisa Mula joins SSN Advisory Board

Elisa Mula joins SSN Advisory Board

YARMOUTH, Maine—Security Systems News is pleased to announce the addition to Elisa Mula, Founder, EM Designs (EMD), and Moms in Security Global Outreach (MISGO), to its Advisory Board.

Started three years ago to help guide editorial content for the publication’s annual conference, SecurityNext, the SSN Advisory Board has grown to include a who’s who of the security industry. These accomplished security professionals bring a wealth of experience – more than 70 combined years within security – as well as extensive expertise within many areas of both physical and cybersecurity, working closely throughout their careers with end users, suppliers, consultants and systems integrators.

Mula formed EMD in 2004 to achieve her vision of creating a consulting business focused on forging new paths for women in industries where they are typically underrepresented. She researched a variety of industries across the international community and ultimately determined that committing to one field – physical security -would allow EMD to make a greater difference.

Focused on an industry in which she had extensive education and years of experience, Mula was able to leverage her expertise in physical security for the benefit of EMD specifically and women as a whole.

EMD performs security grant and assessment services for K-12, places of worship, and other non-profit organizations, specializing in the areas of threat response training, risk assessment, risk mitigation strategy, intrusion prevention systems and policy, video surveillance, infrastructure security and more.

In 2021, Mula founded Moms in Security Global Outreach, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and rescuing victims of child sex trafficking. MISGO not only raises awareness of this worldwide problem, but also hosts fundraising efforts to support rescue missions for abused and trafficked children around the globe.

“The fact that I’m in such good company – the most brilliant talent in the industry – and the fact that I could be considered in the same realm is truly humbling,” Mula told Security Systems News. “Setting up standards and educational sessions for SecurityNext and being able to put it all together with that caliber of people, I really feel like I’m making a difference for the next generation of security professionals.

“To be part of a platform like SSN is invaluable. I appreciate being brought into the fold.”

Physical security is an industry to which Mula has dedicated more than a decade of her life, developing an unparalleled network of professional colleagues and demonstrating an unrelenting work ethic. During her career in physical security, Mula has worked on the manufacturing, integration, and consulting aspects of the industry, while also securing her master’s degree in Protection Management from John Jay College in New York.

Please click here for a complete list of SSN Advisory Board members, including photos and bios.



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