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William Cirone


Specifically Speaking with William Cirone – ‘It’s critical to have the needs for security and technology considered from the very beginning of a project’

February 27, 2024Cory Harris, Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine—William Cirone and his team at Forward Edge provide “the technology edge for education.”   Cirone serves as chief information officer (CIO) with Forward Edge, an education-focused technology solutions provider, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.   Founded in 2005, Forward Edge has become a trusted partner to K-12 schools across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky through its deep understanding of technology in education. In serving these schools, the company...

Fairborn High School, Forward Edge, Security Systems News (SSN), United Local Schools, William Cirone

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Tracy Larson

Women in Security

WISF feature : ‘This industry is exciting and very special,' says Tracy Larson

February 21, 2024Kenneth Z. Chutchian, Contributing Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine—To say that Tracy Larson has made her mark in the security industry is an understatement. Larson serves as president and founding partner of WeSuite, a provider of industry-specific sales software for security, IT and AV integrators, based out of White Plains, N.Y. “We enable security systems integrators, alarm, fire, and technology companies to record and track prospects, accurately and profitably estimate material, labor, chargeable items and recurring services,...

2024, Electronic Security Expo (ESX), Janet Fenner, Mission 500, Sandy Jones, Security Systems News (SSN), SIA TIME (Talent Inclusion Mentorship Education) program, SIA Women in Security Forum (WISF), StrengthenHER committee, Tracy Larson, WeSuite

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Security Systems News (SSN)

General News

SSN news poll results break down opinions on digital identity

February 14, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine – With the rise of contactless innovations brought on by the pandemic, digital identity has become an important facet of modern security. This month’s news poll gets to the heart of its role in the industry. First up we asked readers about their preferred method of digital identity security. Only 14.29% of responses favor decentralized methods (blockchain, self-sovereign identity, etc.) while 42.86% believe that centralized (cloud-based management platforms,...

2024, blockchain, Cloud-Based, contactless, digital identity, identity fraud, ISC West, Security Systems News (SSN)

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‘Device intelligence is an underutilized security tool’-SSN discusses Fintech with Dan Pinto


Fingerprint's Dan Pinto - ‘Device intelligence is an underutilized security tool'

February 5, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine – With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the popularity of electronic currencies and digital wallets, fintech is becoming an important tool for consumers, and few people recognize that better than Fingerprint CEO Dan Pinto. Fingerprint is a platform dedicated to empowering developers to detect and prevent online fraud. Security Systems News (SSN) had the opportunity to speak recently with its CEO and co-founder Dan Pinto about some of the latest concerns and...

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Dan Pinto, Device intelligence, fintech, malware, Security Systems News (SSN), social engineering

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Johnson Controls Q1 report reflects tough quarter


Johnson Controls Q1 report reflects tough quarter

January 31, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

CORK, Ireland—Johnson Controls International (JCI) cited a ransomware attack and economic slowdowns in China contributing to tough first quarter 2024 results. From released documents Johnson Controls (JCI) revealed GAAP earnings per share (“EPS”) from continuing operations of $0.55. Excluding special items, adjusted EPS from continuing operations was $0.51. Sales in the quarter of $6.1 billion were flat compared to the prior year on an as reported basis and declined...

First Quarter (Q1), George R. Oliver, Johnson Controls (JCI), Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Ransomware, Security Systems News (SSN), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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Bruce Yoch


Specifically Speaking with Bruce Yoch – ‘This exciting industry allows us to use emerging technologies to protect and safeguard assets’

January 30, 2024Cory Harris, Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine—Bruce Yoch’s company believes in collaboration, creativity, and challenging the status quo. Yoch is a principal at BrightTree Studios, a technology design and consulting firm specializing in AV, IT, telecom, security, acoustics, Internet of Things (IoT), and intelligent buildings, based out of Pittsburgh, Pa. Founded in 2007, BrightTree Studios provides holistic, innovative, cost-efficient, and timely technology design and consulting for its clients’ unique...

BrightTree Studios, Bruce Yoch, Security Systems News (SSN), Specifically Speaking, Virginia Tech

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On The Editor's Desk

20, 2024 hours to go

January 24, 2024Cory Harris, Editor

Yes, I am channeling the legendary Ramones for my first blog of 20, 20, 24 - wait, let me correct that - 2024. See where my mind is this week? I’m far from being sedated; as a matter of fact, I’m pretty pumped about what’s ahead for Security Systems News readers in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead. But before I get into 2024, I have to look back at the end of 2023, and the tremendous webcast we hosted in December, titled “State of the Industry - A Look Ahead...

2024, Andrew Lanning, Antoinette King, Dean Drako, Don Joos, Greg Massullo, Integrator of the Year/Bill Bozeman Awards, Ivan Avramov, PSA Security Network (PSA), PSA TEC, Ramones, Security Systems News (SSN), Senthilkumar Chandrasekaran, SIA Women in Security Forum (WISF)

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Margie Gurwin

Women in Security

WISF feature: ‘Security is an industry that serves society as a whole,’ says Margie Gurwin

January 24, 2024Kenneth Z. Chutchian, Contributing Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine—Margie Gurwin calls herself the “secret sauce” behind the development of B2B marketing content for her security industry clients. Gurwin is the founder and owner of Babylon, N.Y.-based Content Creation Partners (CCP), a developer of high-tech B2B marketing content with the goal of not only representing clients' products and services, but also communicating their vision, industry insights and success stories. “I work with clients - all...

Alice DiSanto, Content Creation Partners, Infusion Direct Marketing, Margie Gurwin, Monique Merhige, Security Industry Association (SIA), Security Systems News (SSN), SIA Women in Security Forum (WISF), Talent Inclusion Mentorship Education (TIME)

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Bill Bozeman Award


Nominations open for PSA/SSN integrator awards

January 22, 2024Cory Harris, Editor

WESTMINSTER, Colo. and YARMOUTH, Maine—PSA and Security Systems News are excited to announce that nominations are now open for the third annual Integrator of the Year/Bill Bozeman Awards, which aspire to identify the leading system integrators within security, from smaller, local integrators all the way up to the big nationals. Winners will be awarded at PSA TEC 2024 - taking place May 13-16 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas in Texas - and featured within the pages of SSN.  Broken down...

2024, Candice Aragon, Cory Harris, DSI Security Services, ECD Systems, Hyatt Regency Dallas, Integrator of the Year/Bill Bozeman Awards, Matt Barnette, Preferred Technologies, PSA Security Network (PSA), PSA TEC, Sage Integration, Security Systems News (SSN)

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SSN News Poll closes out 2023 as readers look to 2024

General News

AI tops emerging trends for 2024

January 17, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine – It’s a new year, and a new security industry as the latest Security Systems News (SSN) News Poll revealed that AI is the most popular trend heading into 2024, according to our readers. The February news poll opened by asking our readers what 2024 security trends had most piqued their interest. Unsurprisingly 58.33% of responses said they were most interested in seeing how artificial intelligence (AI) will be changed or legislated. 25% are closely watching advances...

Artificial Intelligence (AI), biometric security, Mergers & Acquisitions, News Poll, Ransomware, Security Systems News (SSN)

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