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Emerging Leaders Under 40: Ivan Avramov, manager, security systems, Watermark Estate Management

Emerging Leaders Under 40: Ivan Avramov, manager, security systems, Watermark Estate Management

Emerging Leaders Under 40: Ivan Avramov, manager, security systems, Watermark Estate Management

YARMOUTH, Maine—Ivan Avramov, 37, is the manager of security systems for Watermark Estate Management, based out of Kirkland, Wash. Find out what his roles and responsibilities are, what being an Emerging Leader Under 40 means to him, what attracts him to the security industry as a young leader, and more. 

SSN: In 100 words or less, summarize your current role, outlining responsibilities and length of service.

Emerging Leaders Under 40AVRAMOV: I have been in the security industry for 12 years, most recently as a security systems manager for Watermark Estate Management.  I am responsible for overseeing and ensuring the effective and efficient operation of critical security systems such as surveillance cameras, alarms, and access control systems. I partner with vendors and other organizational managers to provide continuous support for daily security technology services. One of my primary goals is to maintain high availability of security systems for the physical security department, facilities, and all business units within the company.

SSN: In 100 words or less, share what attracts you to the security industry as a young leader.

AVRAMOV: As a young leader in the security industry, I believe that the security industry holds a compelling attraction due to its dynamic nature and societal significance. Security is not only about safeguarding physical assets but also protecting personal safety. The constant evolution of technology creates a challenging and intellectually stimulating environment. Furthermore, the opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives by ensuring their safety and privacy is deeply rewarding. The security industry allows me to continuously learn, adapt, and lead in an ever-changing landscape, contributing to a safer and more secure world, which is a cause worth dedicating myself to.

SSN: In 100 words or less, describe the significance of being recognized as an SSN Emerging Leader Under 40 winner.

AVRAMOV: Being recognized as a named Emerging Leader Under 40 winner is a significant achievement that highlights exceptional leadership and impact at a relatively young age. It signifies the remarkable contributions and potential within my field, showcasing my dedication, innovation, and influence. This recognition not only serves as a personal milestone but also as an inspiration to others, encouraging the pursuit of excellence and leadership among younger generations. I believe that it often leads to valuable networking opportunities, increased visibility, and career advancement, further solidifying my status as a rising star in the security industry.


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