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Emerging Leaders Under 40: Tiffany Renz, director of sales, North America, HID

Emerging Leaders Under 40: Tiffany Renz, director of sales, North America, HID

Emerging Leaders Under 40: Tiffany Renz, director of sales, North America, HID

YARMOUTH, Maine—Tiffany Renz, 39, is the director of sales, North America, for HID, based out of Lancaster, Pa. Find out what her roles and responsibilities are, what being an Emerging Leader Under 40 means to her, what attracts her to the security industry as a young leader, and more. 

SSN: In 100 words or less, summarize your current role, outlining responsibilities and length of service.

Emerging Leaders Under 40RENZ: As a sales director for North America at HID over the past five years, I've overseen the management and promotion of our FARGO card printer and ID badging portfolio. My role involves strategic leadership in sales, cultivating relationships with partners, and ensuring successful distribution throughout North America. My commitment to HID reflects a dedication to long-term professional growth, harnessing experience, and contributing to the sustained success of a single company. This tenure showcases a deep understanding of the industry, fostering stability and loyalty in achieving our organizational goals.

SSN: In 100 words or less, share what attracts you to the security industry as a young leader.

RENZ: Embracing a leadership role in the security field, particularly as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, is driven by my passion for dismantling gender barriers and contributing to transformative change. The allure lies in challenging stereotypes, fostering diversity, and proving that innovation knows no gender. As a young leader, I am drawn to the dynamic nature of the security sector, where my unique perspective becomes a catalyst for progress. Being at the forefront allows me to inspire others, paving the way for inclusivity, resilience, and a future where leadership transcends traditional norms.

SSN: In 100 words or less, describe the significance of being recognized as an SSN Emerging Leader Under 40 winner.

RENZ: A nomination as an emerging leader under 40 by Security Systems News is an exhilarating recognition of my contributions to the security industry. Excitement stems from the acknowledgment within such a reputable platform that extensively covers the diverse facets of our industry, from market trends to technological innovations. The nomination not only affirms my dedication to my company and the industry, but also signifies a broader impact on other manufacturers, dealers, distributors, consultants, and end-users. It fuels my enthusiasm to continue influencing positive change, driving innovation, and contributing meaningfully to the ever-evolving landscape of the security industry.



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