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Five Questions with Oncam’s Jon Marsh

Five Questions with Oncam’s Jon Marsh

YARMOUTH, Maine—As VP Product, Oncam, Jon Marsh’s mission is to bring innovation and an entirely customer-focused perspective to the future of our industry. Here, he gives us some insight into his life and the industry.

ARE YOU MARRIED? ANY KIDS? Yes, I’m married to an amazing woman, Cath, who has expertly balanced me, our family life and a demanding career for 11 years now. I’m also a very proud dad of two bold, confident and athletic girls of 10 and 7, who I learn from every day.

HOW DID YOU FIRST GET STARTED IN THE INDUSTRY? While working on a startup company with Andy Goff to help teachers by capturing their lessons to give them retrospective insight into their teaching interactions, I was ‘wowed’ by the view and image from an Oncam 360-degree camera. After a number of years and many exciting, passionate and inspiring meetings with Firas Bashee and Scott Brothers from ONVU Tech (the parent company of Oncam), ONVU Learning was created. I joined the ONVU Technology and Oncam Leadership Team, and the rest is history.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT THE INDUSTRY TODAY? The innovation, the strive for quality and collaboration between partners. I am fortunate to be a part of a company that, along with its strategic partners, strives to do better; that seeks quality and customer experience rather than pure volume and commoditization. It is an industry that values interoperability, and one that relies on close partnerships between companies, whether they be product vendors, solutions providers or system integrators.

WHAT TRENDS ARE YOU SEEING IN THE INDUSTRY? We are seeing huge growth in 360 and panoramic surveillance. Customers are wanting to cover the total environment – rather than specific focus areas – with high-quality fisheye cameras. The modern threat and need for full coverage also create unique demands on VMS technology and solution providers, such as cybersecurity concerns, data protection responsibilities and ever-increasing storage needs and solution costs. Our customers are focusing on vendor credibility when it comes to image quality, security and supply chain, compliance and video compression.

HAVE YOU READ ANY GOOD BOOKS LATELY? MOVIES OR PLAYS? Having fun starting Harry Potter again with my youngest. I really enjoyed last year’s anniversary of the moon landing with movies: “Apollo 11” and “Armstrong,” and books: “Carrying the Fire” and “Apollo 11. I also built the Lego Saturn 5 Rocket with my eldest.                                       


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