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Four new members named to SIAC board

Four new members named to SIAC board Diebold’s Stroia heads group bringing 'fresh energy'

FRISCO, Texas—Four new members have been named to the board of directors of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), an exchange of industry veterans that brings the group "fresh energy and fresh ideas," according to Executive Director Stan Martin.

The new members, announced by SIAC on Jan. 24, are John Stroia, vice president of corporate development for Diebold; Mike Miller, vice president of Moon Security Services in Pasco, Wash.; Ivan Spector, president of Sentinel Alarm in Montreal; and Don Budden, operations manager for ADT Security in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Stroia represents the Security Industry Association (SIA) on the board; Miller represents the Electronic Security Association (ESA), and Spector and Budden represent the Canadian Security Association (CANASA).

Stroia replaces Charlie Darsch, director of corporate relations for System Sensor, who was appointed to the SIAC board in 2008. Darsch is a past president of SIA and a recipient of its George R. Lippert Memorial Award. Martin described him as "a cornerstone" of SIAC who will be greatly missed.

"He has followed every aspect of SIAC from the day we were incorporated," Martin said. "It's tough to see Charlie go, but I recognize changes are inevitable. If I need some extra advice or help, I know I can still call on him."

In exchange, SIAC is adding Stroia, an experienced national security service provider who will be beneficial to the group's long-term plan, Martin said.

"We're constantly having to adjust strategy and understand market conditions, and John, since he comes from Diebold, stays on top of those things," Martin said. "He brings us a broader perspective on those strategic decisions."

Miller, a past president of the ESA, replaces Ralph Sevinor on the board. Sevinor, president of Wayne Alarm Systems in Lynn, Mass., held his seat for a year.

“Ralph is a strong supporter of SIAC, but I know he's got a lot of irons in the fire right now,” Martin said. “He's been on the board several times, so he's a known commodity and a solid resource. But I know he's got a lot of commitments.”

Martin said Miller is also a known commodity, citing his “tremendous energy” in fundraising for SIAC and his relationship with dealers.

“I've worked with Mike for years,” Martin said. “He's been a strong advocate of SIAC and I know that he wants to engage in a greater capacity in helping us raise money and promote services we provide to dealers around the country.”

Filling CANASA's seats on the board are Spector and Budden. They replace Karen McGee, who served two years as a SIAC director, and Kim Schellenberg, a seven-year veteran.

Martin praised McGee, a past president of CANASA, for her dedication and “strong presence” on SIAC issues, while calling Schellenberg “a true professional” who is always responsive to requests for information.

Martin said the Canadian alarm industry will continue to be well represented on the SIAC board by Spector and Budden.

“Ivan was the initial CANASA representative (on the board) and has a reputation in our group as a person who can think outside the box,” Martin said. “He's got a common-sense approach—he understands dealers, he understands municipalities. I've also worked with Don a lot. He's got a great reputation in Canada as the president of CANASA, and we know he's going to bring some fresh ideas and perspectives to our board.”

Martin said all of the new members will be tested by the economic realities SIAC is adjusting to in the United States and Canada.

“(Law enforcement) agencies have reduced budgets and are more concerned about the use of police resources,” he said. “We have to be more innovative in working with these departments. We've got to get better (alarm) ordinances in place, we've got to show compromise, and we've got to embrace new technology that will help us serve the community, in particular video. We've got to have a message that makes sense and meets the needs of law enforcement and the needs of the industry."


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