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Gen. (RET.) Stan McChrystal to deliver keynote at CONSULT 2022

Gen. (RET.) Stan McChrystal to deliver keynote at CONSULT 2022

CHESHIRE, Conn.—CONSULT 2022 Technical Security Symposium, to be held Oct.  28-31, 2022, in Nashville, Tenn., announced the esteemed Gen. (RET.) Stan McChrystal will be the event keynote speaker. 

Called "one of America's greatest warriors" by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, General McChrystal is widely praised for launching a revolution in warfare by leading a comprehensive counterterrorism organization that fused intelligence and operations, redefining the way military and government agencies interact.

Among the general's many accomplishments in the military was the command of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), responsible for leading the nation's deployed military counterterrorism efforts around the globe. Under his command, Saddam Hussein was captured in Iraq in 2003, and, in 2006, the terrorist and leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was eliminated.

Since his retirement, McChrystal has been a passionate leader, educator, and best-selling author of several books on leadership, including Risk: A User's Guide, which provides a unique perspective on risk, informed by his military experience. Recognizing that companies today are experiencing parallels to what he faced in the war theater, McChrystal established an advisory services firm, the McChrystal Group, to help businesses challenge the hierarchical "command and control" approach to organizational management and help organizations equip their people to better compete in a complex and interconnected business environment.

The keynote address will focus on essential dimensions of control (discussed in the book) that we can adjust at any given time to identify and address risk. Every attendee at CONSULT will receive a copy of the book, with a book signing to follow the keynote.

Qualified security consultants and engineers may register for the event with a registration code supplied by SecuritySpecifiers. Attendance is limited. Email to obtain a code.

Sponsored by SecuritySpecifiers, CONSULT is the only non-captive venue exclusively devoted to specifiers of electronic and physical security. The event has been developed specifically for technical security consultants. From cybersecurity to spec writing and design issues, security consultants and engineers' environment is constantly evolving. The design challenges are shared.

SecuritySpecifiers is an online community and network of security professionals established to address the need for the physical security industry to engage with designers and consultants more effectively.



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