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Group 337 launches the Access Control Index

Group 337 launches the Access Control Index Report analyzes 40 leading physical access control software manufacturers

BETHESDA, Md.—Group 337, a group of executives focused on business creation for small to large companies in the security, access control and IoT industries, announced the launch of the Access Control Index, a quantitative and qualitative report of 40 leading physical access control software manufacturers.

The Access Control Index answers the question: Who are the companies within the physical access control market, and how do they rank?

“The security industry is in the midst of a digital transformation, where access control is not just about keeping the bad people out; it is also about letting the right people in,” said Lee Odess, CEO & Founder, of Group 337, which produces the Access Control Index. “Our goal is to provide a report that can help end users, investors, contractors, and manufacturers make an assessment and answer the question: ‘Is my access control system set up for today or tomorrow?’ We have done that with this report.”

The much-anticipated Access Control Index provides unbiased and accurate data based on The 6 Phases of Access Control Book, which explores the forces shaping the physical access control industry.

To calculate the data, the Access Control Index uses a qualitative, proprietary analysis method of 70 points of data, from both publicly and privately available information and from industry expert assessments, in addition to customer assessments from access control manufacturers. Data points are weighed and plotted based on technology, market reach, talent, innovation engines, marketing, in addition to an overall assessment. 

The Access Control Index further ranks companies in Commanders, Futurists, Traditionalist and Settler categories, with a clear analysis of each category and why companies are ranked.

Group 337 will soon provide additional Index reports around other areas of the physical security industry.

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