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Harness unveils Security Testing Orchestration (STO) Module

Harness unveils Security Testing Orchestration (STO) Module

SAN FRANCISCO—Harness, a software delivery platform company, has announced the general availability of its Harness Security Testing Orchestration (STO) Module.

STO helps clients by increasing the speed and security of code and software deployment as part of the software delivery life cycle (SDLC), The module automates security scanning and governance.

Harness“Standard application security testing practices were not necessarily built with either speed or transparency in mind,” the company noted in its announcement. “Organizations today recognize that increasing the velocity of software delivery through automation is critical to rapidly deliver value to customers. As DevOps continues to gain popularity for rapid software delivery, concerns regarding the speed to quickly identify and remediate application security vulnerabilities and associated risks have increased.”

Being fully integrated into the Harness Software Delivery Platform, STO allows DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) to securely accelerate the development pipeline with their application deployment. The module allows users to enforce security policies both for single services and broadly across applications.

"As more organizations adopt a cloud-native approach, they must take steps to secure their SDLC,” said Jyoti Bansal, CEO and founder of Harness. “With Harness STO, entire organizations can embrace the DevSecOps approach without requiring developers to become security experts or slowing down deployments. Harness STO makes security a team sport by infusing security into all aspects of the SDLC.”

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