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Hikvision hosts shaping intelligence summit

Hikvision hosts shaping intelligence summit

DENPASAR, Indonesia – Hikvision has just finished hosting the 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit in Bali where it brought together customers, technology, and solution partners to look at the future of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT).

Hikvision outlined its new AIoT architecture with four layers of intelligence that include technologies, hardware and software products, and AIoT applications and solutions among other things. "Our approach to AIoT can be seen as a tree, where technology innovation is the tree's roots; that innovation nurtures AIoT hardware and software products in the trunk. The branches of the tree represent our open partner ecosystem and collaboration that enable the growth and delivery of intelligent applications, which are like the leaves and fruits of the tree," said Frank Zhang, vice president of Hikvision. "We hope to better meet the needs of a fast-developing market together with our partners. Our customers can benefit from an easier path to AI adoption and success with the digital transformation of their operations."

Hikvision also took the opportunity to launch its STAR program during the summit, which looks to partner with non-profits across the globe to explore and enhance environmental conservation and cultural preservation. "At Hikvision we are committed to the full integration of corporate social responsibility and a sustainable development philosophy in our business, and always believe that technological innovation can help create a better world," said Zhang. The program will focus on three primary areas: biodiversity monitoring and conservation, environmental monitoring and protection, and cultural heritage preservation.

Over 400 of Hikvision’s partners participated in the summit. More available at


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