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Product Launches: HID, Telguard, Hikvision

Product Launches: HID, Telguard, Hikvision


Mercury MP Controllers

The new Mercury MP Controllers empower access control software providers and integrators to seamlessly combine a wide range of access control technologies, elevator control, building automation, IoT applications, and third party solutions into a unified, centralized and fully robust infrastructure. This open approach provides the freedom to choose the right solution for specific customer requirements.


4k IP Kits

The Hikvision 4K Camera Kit solutions offer a seamless experience with a convenient setup and exceptional value. Featuring Smart Motion Detection technology and advanced deep-learning algorithms, these kits enhance accuracy by distinguishing between people, vehicles, and other moving objects. These kits are designed to deliver exceptional security solutions for a wide range of environments, including business scenarios such as retail stores, residences, office buildings, warehouses, and parking lots.


VCA 3.0 Upgrade for HeatPro Bi-Spectrum Thermal Cameras

The VCA 3.0 upgrade brings enhanced algorithms that significantly improve processing power and efficiency, allowing for greater accuracy in detecting and analyzing potential threats. VCA 3.0 ensures that the cameras can operate effectively in all weather conditions, providing reliable performance regardless of environmental challenges. The intelligent VCA setup has been simplified, making the configuration process more straightforward and user-friendly. This allows users to quickly and easily set up their systems to maximize the benefits of the advanced features.


Firenet 5G Communicator

As a flexible cellular solution to the continued phasing out of “plain old telephone service” (POTS) lines, the FireNET Comm 5G includes a custom connector cable that adds the ability to connect the communicator to the serial data port of the Hochiki FireNET Plus alarm control panel or the VES Elite RS-H panel, a private label version by Hochiki America. Because the Hochiki FireNET Comm 5G is a version of the Telguard TG-7FS universal communicator, dealers can still choose to connect it to the panel’s DACT port, if required.


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