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Honeywell takes connected home to masses at CES

Honeywell takes connected home to masses at CES Honeywell Security debuts its talking Lyric security system at consumer show

LAS VEGAS—As “connected home” has become a household phrase, industry stalwart Honeywell Security is taking its message to the masses, introducing its Lyric security system at CES, the giant consumer electronics show taking place here this week.

This is the first time Honeywell Security has exhibited at CES and the first time it “has really tried to be noticed by consumers and the consumer media,” David Gottlieb, Honeywell Security's global marketing communications leader, told Security Systems News.

“CES is the place to be to communicate to consumers and dealers alike [about the connected home],” Gottlieb added.

Lyric is a professionally installed and monitored security system that includes cameras, motion, smoke and intrusion detection sensors. It integrates with home automation devices such as thermostats, lights and locks, and it responds to six voice commands.

The goal with the voice technology is efficiency as well as a “cool user experience � making the system fun for the homeowner to use,” said Rob Puric, Honeywell's director, �connected home. “We used the voice technology to make it more interactive.”

Puric said that Honeywell conducted three usability tests with more than 25 homeowners for each test as it was developing the system. It also worked with “about 150 dealers” to get feedback during the process.

He predicted that dealers will be particularly excited about several features of the system. The controller has multiple built-in radios, and end-user replaceable GSM, CDMA radios, a front-facing camera, multiple zones, multiple languages and Wi-Fi thermostat integration. Its sensors have two-way wireless, remote, query and are optimized for Lyric.

“Lyric LOK” is a feature that will help “dealers keep and hold their accounts,” Puric said. It enables dealers to “lock the Lyric sensors with the controller,” which will foil an unethical dealer attempting to steal an account, he said.

The system's mobile app has 100 smart actions and triggers, auto-sync with the app and panel and support for wi-fi thermometers.

Honeywell is also introducing a new dealer portal that has an improved user interface, higher bandwidth and CDMA support. The portal enables remote diagnostics, remote management and programming.

Puric likened the portal interface to an “air traffic control system.” It's a large map with several different real-time data points highlighted. It can be expanded and drilled down for more specific geographic and account data information.

The portal is designed to help owners “manage their business � and lower attrition,” Puric said. It also provides easy access to information that will be useful to technicians and central stations.

CES draws about 160,000 people to its show each year. Honeywell is showing its products in a 20-foot by 20-foot booth at the CES Smart Home Pavilion at the Sands Convention Center.

Honeywell Security executives Ron Rothman and Inder Reddy and Scott Harkins, vice president of partner development at Honeywell Connected Home, are attending the show along with� executives from other Honeywell divisions.

Honeywell in June introduced its Lyric thermometer. “Now we're introducing the Lyric security system. It's the next bowling pin from a connected home standpoint, and there will be much more,” Puric told SSN.

Honeywell will be showing the products at ISC West in April; the products will be available around the time of the ESX show in June, Puric said.


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