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General News

Integrators and end users face off at TechSec

February 3, 2016Spencer Ives

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—Leading integrators and end users from Security Systems News “20 under 40” Class of 2015 discussed how to deal with manufacturers, IT staff and each other in the Next Gen educational session, which took place Feb. 2 here at TechSec Solutions. The “20 under 40” integrator speakers included Scott Ranger, VP of operations for CONTAVA; Henry Hoyne, VP of Professional Services at Northland Control Systems; and Josh Long, manager, technical & services...

20 under 40, 2015, Comcast, Contava, Diebold Security, Henry Hoyne, Josh Long, Marvel Studios, Matthew Slatoff, Northland Control Systems, Reggy Timothee, Scott Ranger, Security Systems News (SSN), TechSec Solutions

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On The Editor's Desk

From Microsoft to Google at Cloud+

December 9, 2015Martha Entwistle

At the very last session of the Cloud+ conference, Brivo's Jonathan Healey noted that the Cloud+ conference began with a speaker from Microsoft and ended with a speaker from Google. "Five years ago [the idea that you'd have that line-up at a physical security conference] would be preposterous, he said. He's right, our industry has come a long way in five years. That was a recurring theme at the Cloud+ conference, but we've also got a long way to go. Speaker after speaker talked...

2015, Cloud+, Cybersecurity, Google, Microsoft

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On The Editor's Desk

10 ways security integrators can make money from cloud

November 24, 2015Martha Entwistle

Can you make money from cloud-based video and access control? Are cloud-based systems more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks? Is it too early to embrace cloud-based technology? These are just three of the many questions that we'll be answering at Cloud+, a new conference that I've been putting together over the past several months. The conference is around the corner: Dec. 7-8 in Silicon Valley, but it's not too late to sign up! Over that past two weeks, I've had conference...

2015, Cloud+, Security Systems News (SSN),

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General News

Reed opens new conference at ISC West

November 24, 2015Spencer Ives

LAS VEGAS—Reed Exhibitions is debuting a new conference alongside ISC West, April 6-8, to focus on IT and cyber concerns in physical security: the Connected Security Expo @ ISC West, complete with its own exhibits, educational tracks and keynotes. “The fact is that more and more cybersecurity practitioners have become responsible for the entire security picture, meaning that they now have to worry about the physical as well as the logical,” Ed Several, senior vice president and...

2015, Christian Merhy, Ed Several., ISC West, Reed Exhibitions

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General News

Bank survey forecasts lots of M&A activity for 2016

November 24, 2015Amy Canfield

CHEVY CHASE, Md.—Dealers will be actively acquiring over the next year, according to a recent survey from Capital One Commercial Banking. “The survey indicated things we expected—a very positive outlook,” John Robuck, managing director of Capital One Commercial Banking, told Security Systems News. A high percentage of dealers who responded—68 percent—said they would be buying at least one other company in the coming year; 16 percent expect to purchase three...

2015, Capital One, CONNECT, John Robuck

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General News

Three perspectives on how to use social media

November 18, 2015Spencer Ives

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—When using social media, be consistent, use images or graphics, and find the right outlet for your company, according to representatives from three security companies. Rebecca Matson Purtz (photo on left), director of business development for Matson Alarm, Kristin Milner (photo in middle), director of marketing at ADS Security, and Alison Shiver (photo on bottom), residential sales and marketing manager from Shiver Security, shared how their companies use social media in...

2015, ADS Security, Alison Shiver, CONNECT, Kristin Milner, Matson Alarm, Rebecca Matson Purtz, Shiver Security, Social Media, Women in Security

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Central Monitoring values consistency

November 16, 2015Spencer Ives

ALBANY, Ga.—Judy Randle, president of Central Monitoring, gave alarm dealers advice on creating consistency through checklists and manuals at this year's Honeywell CONNECT, in the session “Run your business like a franchise: Why policies, processes and procedures are important.” The benefit is that franchises—Randle gave chain restaurants as an example—can make customers feel more comfortable because they'll be getting the same products and service at any...

2015, Central Monitoring, CONNECT, Judy Randle

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Doyle Security takes easy step to understand customers

November 13, 2015Spencer Ives

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—Doyle Security, a full-service company based in Rochester, N.Y., started better understanding its customers by asking one question: On a scale of one to 10, “How likely is it that you would recommend Doyle Security to a friend or relative?” With that question, Doyle can calculate its Net Promoter Score, Todd Julien, company director of sales, told an audience at Honeywell CONNECT 2015. "We think it's a growth strategy for us," he said. It lets the company...

2015, CONNECT, Doyle Security, Net Promoter Score, Todd Julien

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20 Under 40

End Users '20 under 40' 2015—Jeppie Sumpter

November 3, 2015Spencer Ives

Jeppie Sumpter, 37 Director of communication technologies, Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, Ky. Exceptions to certain rules, like who's supposed to be where at certain times, present a big security challenge for the traditional “open learning environment,” said Jeppie Sumpter. “Getting rid of the exceptions or at least limiting them—or understanding them better—will go a long way in us being able to better leverage some of the technology that...

20 under 40, 2015, Jeppie Sumpter, Western Kentucky University

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20 Under 40

End Users '20 under 40' 2015—Ronnie Stevens

November 3, 2015Amy Canfield

Ronnie Stevens, 38 Center chief of security, NASA, Johnson Space Center Houston After joining the Air Force at age 18 and spending six years as a military law enforcement officer with a focus on anti-terrorism and security operations, Ronnie Stevens earned a college degree in Germany in computer science. After Stevens' discharge, his plan was “to be a special agent,” he said. He started working in physical security for a NASA contractor. “The company liked me. They...

20 under 40, 2015, Johnson Space Center, NASA, Ronnie Stevens

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